The American Embassy in Baghdad is currently under siege by Iranian-backed militias chanting “Death to America.”

President Trump tweeted about the attack, warning those involved that they will be held responsible for their actions.

Iran killed an American contractor, wounding many. We strongly responded, and always will. Now Iran is orchestrating an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. They will be held fully responsible. In addition, we expect Iraq to use its forces to protect the Embassy, and so notified!

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Fox News reports – Crowds of angry Iraqis protesting America’s recent airstrikes against an Iran-backed militia have laid siege to the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad Tuesday, chanting “Down, Down USA!” and storming through a main gate, prompting troops to fire back tear gas in response.

At least six U.S. soldiers were seen standing on the roof of the main building pointing their firearms at the demonstrators Tuesday afternoon as the chaotic scene is still unfolding in the Iraqi capital, where the sounds of gunfire could be heard.

Two Iraqi foreign ministry officials initially told Reuters the U.S. ambassador and staff were evacuated, but U.S. officials pushed back, telling Fox News that the embassy has not been evacuated. Further, an official said Ambassador Matthew H. Tueller was not evacuated but has been out of the country on a previously planned vacation.

Dozens of protesters, many of whom are reported to be wearing militia uniforms, are said to have come within 200 meters of the main building after busting through an entrance used by cars.

The embassy attack, one of the worst in recent memory, followed deadly U.S. airstrikes on Sunday that killed 25 fighters of the Iran-backed group, the Kataeb Hezbollah. The U.S. military said the airstrikes were in retaliation for last week’s killing of an American contractor in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base that it had blamed on the militia.

Supporters of the militia held funerals Tuesday for the fighters killed, before setting their sights on the embassy.

This video shows part of the attack from outside of the embassy.

This video shows the U.S. troops inside the embassy. They are only separated by a pane of glass.

Iraqi Member of Parliament Hassan Salem participated in the attack on the American embassy in #Baghdad He claims that this is the end of the United States and its allies, including Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. 31/12/2019.

WATCH: Thousands of Iraqi protesters furious over deadly U.S. airstrikes storm the American Embassy in Baghdad, breaking down doors and setting fires

According to @IraqiSecurity Iraqi security forces seem to be regaining control of the situation around the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.



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