Can you imagine getting shot 8 times while just sitting in your car? That’s what happened to Sgt. Sylvia Young who was sitting in her patrol car last night when a man shot her. She is so lucky that she had a bullet proof vest on or she’d be dead. Can you imagine going to work every day with the thought that someone could assassinate you? 

Officials say two police officers have been shot in a confrontation in West Philadelphia.
An officer from the Philadelphia police radio room says the officers were injured shortly after 11pm Friday and have been transported to Penn Presbyterian Hospital where they were in stable condition.
Police say Sgt. Sylvia Young with the Philadelphia police was injured along with an officer from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sources say the male officer was shot in the hand and that Young – a 19-year police veteran – was shot up to eight times directly into her vest while sitting in her patrol car, according to the New York Daily News.
The shooting occurred a few blocks from the Penn campus.
A note believed to be written by the shooter was recovered near Young’s car.
It allegedly contained rambling anti-police rhetoric and named a parole officer as a target.

As the suspect fled a security guard was shot at a nearby bar along with two others.
The New York Daily News reported that the gunman grabbed a woman and used her as a human shield before shooting her in the leg and running off again.
As he fled he struck a man and a woman sitting in a parked car. The pair were rushed to a hospital, where the woman was later pronounced dead and the man remained in critical condition.
Police said a suspect was in custody, but media outlets are reporting a suspect was shot and killed.
A search is underway for a possible second suspect. Police have not released the identities of anyone involved.

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