This is a case of how to lose millions without even trying. Any football player seeking a career in the NFL should read about the case of Antonio Brown and do the opposite of what he’s done.

Antonio Brown was accused of a second sexual assault and then sent the accuser a threatening message. That may have been the last straw for the New England Patriots.

They just released Brown after just a few days on the team aka ‘1 Scaramucci’

Social media is saying the release of Brown is a case of being ‘Scaramucci’d’  aka being employed for less than 11 days.

The Patriots released a statement:

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11 Days…You’ve been Scaramucci’d!

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This is a self inflicted wound that could kill Antonio Brown’s career because he has quite a track record of trouble. He could go from potentially earning $50 million to just over $100k if he doesn’t get the $9 million signing bonus from the Patriots. Ouch!

Antonio Brown tweeted out a message to the Patriots:

“Thank you for the opportunity.”

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