Kari Lake has promised Arizona voters and concerned citizens nationwide that she will not abandon the fight for election integrity in Arizona. After numerous issues on election day, Lake vowed that she would expose the corruption that took place in Arizona during the November 2022 election. Lake ran for governor against Katie Hobbs, the acting Secretary of State, who refused to recuse herself, instead insisting that she was qualified to oversee an election in which her name was on the ballot for the highest office in her state. Hobb’s role certainly created a conflict of interest in her ability to act with impartiality. She was encouraged by both Republicans and Democrats to recuse herself from running the 2022 midterm elections

As promised, information is pouring out from Arizona as concerned groups dig into what took place. The latest bombshell was revealed Monday when news broke that the tabulators system log files were reviewed, revealing a disturbing fact, nearly 250,000 votes were misread in Maricopa county. According to Shelby Busch, who helped analyze the tabulator machines, there were 446 tabulators, 2 in each precinct, with “nearly a quarter of a million voter attempt failures.”


Maricopa County tends to vote Republican and saw some of the greatest issues with tabulators. In addition to the obvious conflict of interest created by Hobb’s running her own election, Maricopa election officials launched a PAC in 2021 to stop Maga candidates. Lake responded by saying election officials should be impartial. But instead, “the guys running the elections have made it their mission to defeat America First Republicans. Unbelievable.”

Yet despite the significant issues surrounding Arizona’s election day that saw nearly 250k disenfranchised voters, Hobbs, apparently unconcerned with election integrity, filed to have Lake’s lawsuit thrown out. The Governor’s race came down to just 17k votes. Lake tweeted regarding Hobbs, “She’s illegitimate & she knows it. More evidence to come.”

In addition, the Lake legal team found evidence of illegal ballot signatures that were used despite major irregularities in violation of Arizona election law.

Lake tweeted, “Bombshell Discovery, Today’s Senate Testimony CONFIRMS nearly 40,000 ballots illegally counted (10% of the signatures reviewed). I think all the “Election Deniers” out there deserve an apology.”


In a recently published Tweet, Anthony DeWitt asks if the public believes Kari Lake’s race for Arizona Governor was stolen from her. He said, “This is a serious poll. I want to see how many people believe that the 2022 Arizona Governor’s election was stolen from Kari Lake.” The results so far show that 91.8% believe the election was stolen, 2.1% are unsure, and 6.1% believe it was a fair election.

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