Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has been in a drawn-out court battle since November over claims of voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement during the 2022 midterm elections

In February, her case was dismissed in an Arizona appeals court despite Lake’s legal team discovering that 42.5% of ballots they examined in Maricopa County were illegitimate.

Her legal team also discovered that there were various ‘irregularities’ during the election including misread ballots and printer issues.

Lake announced her decision to appeal her case to the Arizona Supreme Court on February 16th, leading to a three-month appeals process that will likely end in the Arizona Supreme Court.

Members of county election boards were reportedly coerced in to certifying the 2022 election results despite major election fraud issues being litigated in court.

One member of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors reportedly said that he would be ‘arrested’ if he did not vote to certify the midterm election results.

Maricopa County, where many of Lake’s complaints originate from, experienced long wait times and many voters were forced to cast provisional ballots that had to be hand-counted after voting machines broke down.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a new order on Thursday, granting the motion for expedited consideration of Kari Lake‘s lawsuit against Katie Hobbs and the stolen 2022 Election in Arizona.

The Court scheduled March 21 to consider whether or not they will accept Lake’s new petition. “At the conference, the Court will decide whether to accept review and schedule an oral argument,” states the order.

Responses from Defendants were further ordered to be submitted by March 13.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kari Lake filed a ‘Petition For Review’ and a ‘Motion To Expedite’ the consideration of her election fraud lawsuit in the Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday, March 1.

The Gateway Pundit reported last month that Lake‘s lawsuit to overturn the rigged and stolen 2022 Gubernatorial Election in Maricopa County was dismissed in the Arizona Court of Appeals. She then followed through on her promise to appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court!

“The court of appeals’ Opinion denying petitioner Kari Lake’s appeal ruled that Arizona election laws don’t matter,” argue Lake’s attorneys.

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