On Sunday, January 17th, 2021, armed protesters began assembling at Michigan’s capitol building in Lansing.

Armed Protesters at Michigan’s Capitol Building in Lansing, wearing masks, BLM, and LGBTQ gear

In an unprecedented fashion, federal armed troops have been amassing in Capitol cities by the thousands around the country in preparation for the 2021 presidential inauguration. Such oppressive militant behavior is generally indicative of dictators in third-world countries who were not elected lawfully and who fear retaliation from their oppressed countrymen.  It is a show of complete dominance over a helpless people who have no Constitutional rights.

One such display is taking place in at the Michigan State Capitol Building in Lansing.  It is being met with a small band of protesters who have begun to amass.

In a video by BGOnTheScene, a leader of the small group who is wearing an LGBTQ flag delivers a very brief statement while holding a rifle outside a make-shift fence surrounding the state Capitol as a precaution for the Biden inauguration on January 20th.  He is standing next to what appears to be a Black Lives Matter protester in a BLM hoodie.  All of the protesters, except the speaker, are masked to hide their identities, much like BLM/Antifa would do.  Given all of these facts, it is difficult to believe that most or all of the people taking part in this protest are conservatives or Trump supporters.

This supported by the fact that the first arrivals to the protest had very sturdy home-made Pro-Whitmer signs attached to their truck beds:


In fact, we have reached out to all of our right-wing contacts in Michigan.  All our sources on the right insist that they want to have nothing to do with any protests surrounding the inauguration because they believe them to be false flag events designed to trick Trump supporters and conservatives.

In his brief statement, the speaker in the group who refuses to give his name or organization begins by stating that “We come in peace. We do not intend to commit violence”

However, he does offer a somewhat ominous warning:

“If you continue to oppress the American people, they will remain rational no longer”

He finishes by saying that “We can do this together…I don’t want Americans fighting Americans…and I don’t want the government to laugh all the way to the bank while they do it”

The author of the video states that the speaker is with the Boogaloo Bois, a group that is neither pro-Trump nor right-wing and has been known to support groups like Antifa/BLM or LGBTQ.  However, there is no verification about what groups these people are with because he doesn’t say the group’s name or organization in the video.  However, the BLM hoodie and other noteworthy bits of attire would suggest they are not right-wing extremists or Trump supporters.  Especially since President Trump has denounced the violence at the capitol and insisted on peacefulness.

We encourage our readers to avoid any protests surrounding the election in the coming few weeks. There are several indications that anti-Trump conspirators are attempting to ensnare well-meaning conservatives and Trump-Supporters in false flag events, much like what happened at the capitol building on January 6th. 

Be peaceful and safe, everyone.

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