We noticed that the press was pushing the racist narrative when several black churches were torched.  Pictures were posted of what looked like the front door of each church burned from the outside but not damaged too much. Many publications published articles with the slant that it was a racist person from outside of the black community that was burning the churches. The ATF was even quoted in an Atlantic article with a slant towards racism:
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives is investigating the fires. In a statement, the agency said, “We believe that this fire-setting activity is meant to send a message.
Video of concerned citizens:

Our friends at Weasel Zippers noted the strange nature of this case, that the fires were set at the door, seemingly set to go out, as most didn’t cause damage beyond some burnt marks on the doors.
ST. LOUIS • Police have made an arrest in connection with a two-week string of church arsons, most of which occurred at places of worship in black neighborhoods, the Post-Dispatch has learned. The suspect is a black man in his 30s, David Lopez Jackson (photo below) according to a police source.
Investigators are expected to seek criminal charges against him today.
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The string of fires, many of which did minimal damage, drew attention of local and federal investigators. The locations drew speculation of whether it was a hate crime.
The Rev. Robert Gettinger, of St. Augustine Catholic Church, 1371 Hamilton Avenue, said news of an arrest is a relief.
“We pray for the person who has done this. It seems to be mentally off balance behavior,” Gettinger said.
He said the church remains grateful that damage was isolated to the front doors, common in all the fires. St. Augustine has not yet received bids, but damage is easily in the thousands of dollars, he said.
Via: Weasel Zippers

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