This was bound to happen. After the announcement today of 11 criminal charges against Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe, who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, the Atlanta Police are furious.

The charges against the officer were even called excessive by Civil Rights Attorney Leo Turrell.

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“Atlanta District Attorney’s decision to file 11 criminal charges against police officer Garrett Rolfe is excessive and politically motivated. Felony murder? No way!!”

He smells politics in this charge because this DA is up for reelection.

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Several Atlanta precincts have officers who have walked off the job. Georgia Police Jobs on Twitter reports below:

Our sources in Atlanta are saying that Precinct 2 just walked off. This precinct is the Buckhead area where much of the high-end stores are located and where looting happened during the riots.

The APD tried to spin the news of the walk-off by downplaying it but there are numerous sources saying it’s “getting ugly.”

“The walk-off is real.” APD Officer

The APD is trying to call in officers from different locations: “Chief said nope.”

Text from APD Officer:

Steve Deace relayed a message from a member of the APD:

“Let it burn.”

Silence on the Atlanta Police Dispatch:

We will be updating as we get new information from Atlanta.

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