“We’re not gonna go away, we’re not gonna quit. Cuz if you’re willing to kill me, who else are you gonna kill?”

An Aurora police officer wants this person (or people) threatening cops to know they are only strengthening his resolve to be a police officer because it’s people like this creep who they’re protecting others from. 

The Aurora Police Dept. has released audio of an alarming 911 call over the weekend, when an anonymous caller threatened to shoot any officer found alone in the streets.

“It’s a credible threat,” police said –one that they wanted the community to be aware of.

According to 9News, the menacing call came in about 5:45 p.m Sunday “via a disconnected Cricket cell phone.” The male caller heard on the audio recording appears to be disguising his voice and possibly using a recording, several local news stations reported.


Police announced over the holiday weekend, and following the call, that they will always have two people to a car, to ensure the safety of their officers. The threat involved shooting down officers in both Denver and Aurora, Colorado.

FOX31 Denver obtained the audio recording, in which the caller says in part: “It’s time that you guys know we are no longer playing around with the police departments. Aurora and Denver, we are about to start striking fear shooting down all cops that we see by their selves.”

Both Aurora and Denver police say they are not scared away by this, it’s only making them stronger. “It’s going on nationally. It’s going to come here. There’s nobody that’s immune to it. Nobody in law enforcement,” Denver police Det. Nick Rogers said. Via: LEO Affairs

According to a warning sent to law enforcement Monday, a caller contacted Aurora 911 dispatch around 5:45 p.m Sunday via a disconnected Cricket cell phone. The male caller sounded as if he was attempting to disguise his voice, or was possibly using a recording, the warning said.

The call lasted 37 seconds, and the caller reportedly said “It’s time you guys know that we are no longer playing around with the police departments. Aurora and Denver we are about to start striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by their selves.”

The caller went on to say, “You guys are evicting innocent people. Let us catch you by yourself and it’s shots fired.”

Approximately four hours later, Aurora police officers “were fired upon while responding to a call,” the warning said. It is unclear if the shooting was an ambush situation. Via: 9 News



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