A 50-year old American award-winning filmmaker and journalist has been shot dead by Russian troops in Irpin, near the capital city of Kyiv. Brent Renaud was in his car with other journalists when Russian troops opened fire on them, killing him and injuring another journalist Juan Arredondo who is currently recovering in a local hospital.  The crew was on their way to film refugees in Irpin when the Russian troops shot at their vehicle.

PBS journalist Jane Ferguson tweeted about seeing Renaud’s body by the side of the road.

Juan Arredondo, the colleague of the now-deceased Brent Renaud spoke with Italian journalist Annalisa Camilli of Internazionale from his hospital bed. He explained to the Italian journalist that their crew was at a checkpoint when they were shot and that Renaud had to be left behind because he was shot in the neck and that he wasn’t sure if his friend was still alive.

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Daily Mail reports – Initially, he was thought to have been on assignment for The New York Times because he was carrying a press badge that listed the newspaper as his publication but it has since emerged he was working on a global film about refugees.

Renaud’s death was announced by Andrey Nebitov, the head of Kyiv’s police department, who said in a Facebook post that he paid ‘with his life for trying to highlight the aggressor’s ingenuity, cruelty and ruthlessness.’ He also shared a video, taken by a police officer at the scene, who said a third journalist was wounded.

‘We had crossed the first bridge in Irpin. We were going to film other refugees leaving we got into a car. Somebody offered to take us to the other bridge. We crossed a checkpoint and they started shooting at us. The driver turned around, there were two of us. My friend is Brent Renaud. He has been shot and left behind. I saw he has been shot in the neck. We got split,’ he said.

Brent Renaud

The White House has not yet commented on Renaud’s death but National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan called it ‘shocking and horrifying.’ He said the US would consult with Ukrainian officials about what to do next.

It remains unclear if Biden will retaliate against Putin. Earlier on Sunday, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said Putin is finally starting to show signs of ‘willingness’ to negotiate to end the war but that up until now he has seemed ‘intent on destroying Ukraine’.


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