In 2018, at a Democrat Party candidate’s forum, Arizona’s far-left, Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs pledged that if elected, she would use her position as the state’s top election official to help Democrats get elected.

“We are going to do very well electing statewide Democrats, and the secretary of state’s office is how we’re going to hold on to those wins, how we’re going to continue to make gains in the legislature and really create a state that reflects all of our values,” Hobbs told her fellow Democrats.

Since day 1 of the Arizona November 2020 election audit, the highly partisan hack Secretary of State has gone out of her way to demonize, ridicule, and mock the process—frequently including the hashtag #fraudit in updates about the election audit.

Today, Hobbs released a letter notifying the Maricopa election supervisors that she believes the Dominion Voting machines that are part of the audit have been compromised. The AZ SOS wrote that she will be unable to re-certify the machines over “security and integrity” concerns.

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Here’s the copy of Sec. of State Katie Hobbs’ letter to the Maricopa County election supervisors

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Where was Hobbs’ concern about “chain of custody” or “security and integrity” concerns Republicans voiced about the voting machines that were used in the November election?

Is Hobbs’ letter to the Maricopa election supervisors a public relations stunt to turn Arizona residents against the process by threatening to make them pay millions to replace voting machines they don’t even trust?

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