Democrats are panicked about what might be found in the ongoing Arizona audit in Maricopa County.

They appear to be doing everything and anything to try to get it shut down.

To that end, they are trying to send the fox to guard the hen house by inserting Biden’s DOJ into the audit process, claiming that this audit–the first independent audit of its scale and thoroughness–stemming from the 2020 election is somehow illegal.

Yes.  Really.

After hearing this, Arizona state senator, Wendy Rogers warned the meddling Biden DOJ, “you need to stay in your lane.  Do not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison.”

The AZ GOP backed up Wendy Rogers claims that the audit is perfectly up to snuff.

With the Biden regime having a complete panic attack, let’s hope the audit in Maricop County is not interfered with.

But, if it is, let’s hope Wendy Rogers is not just making empty threats.

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