The Jan. 6 Witch Hunt committee has made criminal referrals against Donald Trump, which most informed Americans knew was the motivation for the sham investigation in the first place.
The partisan J6 committee is comprised of never-trumpers and Democrats. But their time is almost up. The GOP will take over the House in January and has threatened to disband and probe those on the committee who have spent taxpayer money to “investigate” while refusing to release video footage that provides evidence of what took place or question Nancy Pelosi on refusing additional security.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted “the real reason the J6 communist committee is making criminal referrals to the DOJ on Trump,” is because “They can’t beat President Trump and they know it. January is coming


Steve Bannon believes the allegations against Trump will only strengthen his campaign by firing up his base. Bannon was at a Turning Point Rally Monday when the criminal referrals were made. He turned to the crowded stadium,
‘The Jan. 6 committee, they just did criminal referrals on Trump,’ he shouted. ‘Does that make you more motivated than ever to work for Trump?’
“Yes,” came the roared response. Mention of the Democratic-dominated J6 committee elicited “Boos.”
Bannon worked closely with Trump as Chief White House strategist.
Sebastian Gorka summarized the fake media narrative that Trump is insignificant and unpopular among voters, saying, “But I thought he was a spent force, “irrelevant,” and “done.” So why are they bothering with “criminal referrals to the DOJ to indict President Trump.” He asked the questions we all wonder as we watch a collapsing, fraudulent media ram other candidates into position against Trump, “Why are they still so afraid of him?”

Donald Trump is the first president to be subjected to a criminal referral by Congress. Steve Bannon told Daily Mail, “All they are doing is firing up people more.” He went on, “A show trial doesn’t mean anything. It’s only going to empower him more with this base. It means he’s only going to be more powerful and tougher to beat in a primary.” Bannon added Trump’s re-election campaign starts today.
The J6 committee has been consistently viewed as a kangaroo court, stringing together obscure hearsay to take down President Trump, who called for a “peaceful protest.”
Brigitte Gabriel accurately gauges the situation saying, “The only way to restore the American people’s faith in Congress is to expel every single member of the J6 committee from Congress.

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