Baton Rouge became the scene of another police ambush this morning when three men shot and killed three police officers and wounded several others. Authorities have confirmed that the first of three suspects is a Missouri man who was killed after the shooting. Two other suspects were taken into custody in West Baton Rouge Parish and are being questioned by Baton Rouge Police.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is going out of his way to try to convince the world his #BlackLivesMatter terrorists have nothing to do with yet ANOTHER mass shooting of cops in America. It probably isn’t a coincidence that three black thugs were recently arrested in Baton Rouge for plotting to kill cops, or that this video surfaced of a black punk in Baton Rouge telling cops he’s going to kill them and asking viewers to join him.

You OWN this Barack Hussein Obama! From your first beer summit to the George Zimmerman protesters your AG, Eric Holder was caught paying with our taxpayer dollars to your regular visits with #BlackLivesMatter terrorists in OUR White House. Your community organizer built this and there is no one to blame but you and your cronies…

Dispatch audio records what happened next as officers were reported down when a man at the scene opened fire, shooting “indiscriminately,” according to a witness at the scene. Several officers were hit and a massive manhunt began in the area as authorities searched for suspects that were described as wearing all black or camouflage clothing.

Police worked an active shooting scene at the B-Quik gas station into the afternoon. Law enforcement confirmed that one of the shooters was dead somewhere close to the store. Police sent a robot into the store to check for explosives after the scene was contained.

An alert went out to the public to stay indoors and contact authorities should they spot any suspicious activity or suspects matching the description provided. Two men were stopped in Addis after someone said they were initially spotted heading into the Port Allen Walmart to change clothes. They were stopped by police on LA-1 South at a gas station where the men were taken into custody. A witness at the scene said the vehicle had Texas plates.

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