America should be asking if the Democrats fought back so vehemently against Betsy DeVos because she wants to give inner-city and rural kids the same chance at a quality education as kids in the suburbs? Or maybe they fought so hard against her nomination because the teacher’s unions who fund large chunks of their campaign funds were against her efforts to make it possible for parents to choose where their kids go to school, thus holding the performance of teachers up for regular scrutiny. Maybe they just hated her because she’s a Republican? Or maybe the real reason is because she’s a woman? Well, none of their reasons for attacking Betsy DeVos matter anymore, now that she is Trump’s new Secretary of Education…It’s time to move on, make some bold choices, put parenting back into the hands of parents and “Make Education Great Again” in America.
Watch the confirmation of Betsy DeVos here:

With two GOP Senators following their pledge to oppose Trump’s nominee Betsy DeVos, lawmakers voted 50-50.

DeVos is a polarizing figure in education circles because of her strong support for school choice and charter schools. Some critics have said advocates like her push school choice with little regard for the quality of options parents have.

Giving families the opportunity to make education related decisions on behalf of their own children is apparently a scary proposition for the radical teacher’s unions. Fox News’ Trish Regan had this to say about Democrats opposition to Betsy DeVos:

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She and other advocates believe strongly that parents should be able to decide where their kids go to school, and that kids shouldn’t be trapped in failing schools. But critics say choice advocates ignore the need for quality options, say charters have siphoned money away from traditional public schools and point to data that show charter schools aren’t performing any better, and in some cases are performing worse, than their counterparts.

In 2000, DeVos and her husband, Dick, led a failed petition drive to institute a voucher system in Michigan that would allow parents to use public money to send their children to private schools. The state constitution prohibits such use of public funds.

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Voters overwhelmingly rejected the proposal. But a similar plan is the centerpiece of Trump’s education plan. He wants to spend $20 billion in federal funding now being spent on other things — and expects states to kick in even more — to provide to pay $12,000 in private school tuition for every high-poverty child in the country. – Detroit Free Press

Crybaby Democrat and comedian/US Senator Al Franken was NOT happy about DeVos’ confirmation. Taking control of our lives and the lives of our children has never been popular in Democrat Party circles:


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