They tried to intimidate Democrat Senator Kristen Sinema -AZ into supporting their reckless Socialist spending bill:

Senator Kyrsten Sinema Stalked and Filmed in the Bathroom by Far-Left Activists: “Build back better, back the bill!” [Video]

They attempted to shame Democrat Senator Joe Manchin -WV, who refused to vote with the new Socialist-Democrat Party:

So far, the typical Mafia-style strong-arm tactics frequently used by Socialist- Democrats have failed to change the minds of the moderate Dems and cause them to vote with fellow Democrats on Joe Biden’s Barack Obama’s $3.5 Trillion New Green Deal, disguised as an “infrastructure” bill.

Faced with the very real probability that they will only receive 48 (all Democrat) votes in the Senate to raise the debt ceiling, President Biden is now revealing a new dirty Democrat trick they will likely use to overcome the Republican blockade on raising the debt ceiling. Biden explained that it’s a “real possibility” Democrats could seek to revise the chamber’s filibuster rules and completely bypass Republican lawmakers.

Joe Biden announced on Tuesday, the same day, that he was met with 1,500 protesters in Michigan as he traveled to a union center in Howell to push his Socialist “Build back better” agenda.

In other words, the Democrats, with a simple majority in the Senate, are talking about ways to altogether bypass the votes of Republican Senators who represent 50% of the American people. Who needs two party’s in America when Democrats, who have a simple majority in the Senate and a small majority in the House, can manipulate the system and completely cut Republican lawmakers out of the process?

MSN reports –

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has opposed raising the debt ceiling, suggesting it could pave the way for the Biden administration to move forward with its $3.5 trillion budget package and other progressive ideas.

The GOP has suggested it is Democrats’ responsibility to raise the limit themselves as they control both chambers of Congress and the White House.

“There is no chance—no chance—the Republican conference will go out of our way to help Democrats conserve their time and energy so they can resume ramming through partisan socialism as fast as possible,” McConnell told the Senate floor on September 28.

President Trump weighed in on the debt ceiling vote with Adam Shapiro of Yahoo News, another propaganda arm of the Democrat Party – “I think we’re in trouble no matter what. If you raise it, that’s not a good thing because the bill is so bad—the $3.5 trillion—and if you raise it, bad, and if you don’t raise it, bad. It’s a bad situation to be in,” Trump said.

(AP Photo/Justin Hayworth)

“It’s tremendous borrowing. There’s no way that they can take this…they’re saying it’s net neutral. It’s not net neutral; it’s just the opposite of net neutral. So this will add to it whether it’s immediately or into the longer term.”

When asked by Shapiro if he is suggesting the government should cancel the debt ceiling and default on the current debt, Trump replied: “I will say this, the Republicans have a very strong card to play, and they can get a lot of what they want and what they feel.”



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