Despite ever-encroaching rules and regulations by globalist Democrat lawmakers and RINOs, Joe Biden’s son was still able to obtain a gun in Biden’s home state of Delaware.  Delaware Red Flag laws promoted by Joe Biden and named after Joe’s dead son, Beau, couldn’t stop his other son, Hunter–a drug-addicted crack-head who committed allegedly inappropriate behavior with family members and children who was dishonorably discharged from the military–from not only illegally obtaining a gun but also illegally disposing of the gun in a garbage bin.

Yet, still, Biden wants more unconstitutional rules that will make it tougher for normal law-abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to own guns but do nothing to regulate his own family’s ability to protect itself.  And, because he knows he cannot get the votes for them, he is simply enacting the rules by fiat with executive orders.

So, it is good enough for the crack-addicted son’s of politicians and any violent criminal to obtain and dispose of these things as they please on the black market–completely sidestepping all such gun control laws–but we law abiding peaceful citizens need tougher restrictions?

Joe Biden thinks so, and he is acting swiftly to impose his will.  Today, his regime stated that the 2nd Amendment is not absolute.  In fact, in his opinion, “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”

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This is the mentality of every progressive.  They are change junkies and control freaks and their appetite for destruction can never be sated.  They know that what they are doing is infringing on the rights of citizens without the consent of the governed or even the congress and they do not care.

They do not just believe they are above the law; they believe they are the law:

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