As concerns about the Biden family’s connections to the Chinese government continue to mount, another shocking report emerged from the Daily Mail on Tuesday indicating that the University of Pennsylvania, where Biden was employed and where he has close connections to administration officials, received more than $100 million from Chinese-government aligned donors.

The donors include people who were linked to Hunter Biden’s illicit business dealings that he is still under investigation for by the House and the Internal Revenue Service.

The donors include a private equity group that gave $1 million to the university in 2019.  The equity group has a controlling interest in a Chinese company called Molybdenum.

The donors also include a Chinese bank, the China Merchant Bank, which gave $5.5 million to the University of Pennsylvania.

A Biden spokesperson maintains that no funds from foreign countries were given to the Penn Biden Center, the President’s think tank at the University.

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Biden became an honorary professor at the University of Pennsylvania and pocketed roughly $776,000 during his tenure there.

He has repeatedly claimed that he taught at the University, though students and other professors have said that he rarely, if ever, showed up to lectures while he was employed there.

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The Biden Penn Center says that its mission is to to ‘secure American global leadership by defending and advancing a liberal international order.’

The Daily Mail Reports

A prestigious U.S. college, home to a Joe Biden-backed think-tank where the former vice-president left classified documents, raked in more than $100 million from Chinese donors, leaked emails show.

The revelations, first reported by Fox News, will raise fresh suspicions of the presidential family’s cozy ties with foreign governments.

Disgraced first son Hunter Biden, 53, has been under the microscope for years over alleged influence-peddling thanks to his political connections.

They came to light after a series of emails from his laptop were leaked to the media, highlighting how he used his ties to his father to win lucrative contracts abroad.

Financial records obtained by American for Public Trust, a transparency group, show the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement accepted millions of dollars in donations from China.

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