It’s becoming increasingly clear that America’s “Leave no man behind” creed is meaningless to the incompetent and now, heartless Biden regime.

Today, in yet another utterly shameful moment in the Biden debacle, his Secretary of State Antony Blinken blamed the over 1,500 Americans trapped in Afghanistan for not leaving the country sooner and for not checking in with the embassy to let the US know they are in Afghanistan. “For many years, we’ve asked Americans not to travel there [Afghanistan]. Since March of this year, we’ve sent 19 different messages encouraging them to leave there, on social media and on the State Department website.”

Daily Mail reports – Up to 1,500 Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan and the U.S. is still relying on the Taliban to allow safe passage to Kabul airport with just six days before the August 31 deadline, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in a press conference on Wednesday.

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Blinken gave an update on the airlift operation and the bid to get all citizens and Afghan allies out amid reports the CIA has joined U.S. troops in rescue missions outside the airport perimeter.

Thousands of people are still trying to leave Afghanistan as U.S. troops start leaving and evacuation flights begin to wrap up but are being stopped and beaten by insurgents on their way.

The desperation to get on the last flights is already plain, with people standing in sewage up to their knees on the south side of the airport today while begging soldiers to let them inside.

The Afghan capital’s airport has been gripped by chaos as US-led troops try to maintain a secure perimeter for evacuation flights, surrounded by desperate Afghans.

Some have foreign passports, visas, or eligibility to travel, but most do not. At least eight people have died in the chaos.

‘Does anyone … ANYONE … have a contact inside the airport,’ pleaded one American on a WhatsApp group set up to share information on how people can access the airport.

‘My guy worked for us 2010-15 and needs to get out with 5 of his family. This is real bad.’

The Taliban have also been accused of blocking or slowing access for many trying to reach the airport, although they denied the charge again late Tuesday.

Biden said the Taliban were taking steps to assist, but there was also an ‘acute and growing risk’ of an attack by the regional chapter of the Islamic State jihadist group.

Among those left are 24 school children from California who visited on a summer trip and haven’t been able to leave.

At least two dozen Americans students and parents are among those still stuck in Kabul. After taking a summer trip to visit grandparents and other extended family, 24 students and 16 parents from the Cajon Valley Union School District are trying to get to the airport with less than a week before the US leaves the country. the LA Times reports.

Cajon Valley Superintendent David Miyashiro said that officials who work with the school district’s FACE program as interpreters and liaisons were contacted by a family concerned its student would lose a seat in the classroom last week when classes began, a local CBS affiliate reports.

The concern was echoed by several other families who missed their scheduled flights home for the first day of school on August 17.

The district said they arrived on special U.S. military visas, and states the trip was not school-sanctioned. Officials at the district just outside of San Diego said the students are safe but that it’s not certain when they could return home.

A family of five from the same school district is back in the U.S. after escaping from Afghanistan, 10 News reports.

 The U.S. has ramped up their airlifts and have evacuated 19,000 people in the last 24 hours and have already started pulling out military forces with just six days until the deadline, which Biden has promised to stick to.

Blinken appeared to blame Americans still on the ground for not leaving fast enough after first being warned earlier this year to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.

He spoke as a CIA officer told that American civilians and Afghan allies have just 72 hours before evacuations end.

Blinken said the US has been in ‘direct contact’ with roughly 500 confirmed U.S. citizens and ‘provided specific instructions for how to get to the airport safely.’

The State Department said there are roughly 1,000 other people whose status is still being established.

‘We’re aggressively reaching out to them multiple times a day,’ he said of those 1,000 people, adding they’re looking ‘to determine whether they still want to leave and to get them the most up-to-date information and instructions for them on how to do so.’

‘Some may no longer be in the country. Some may have claimed to be Americans but turn out not to be. Some may choose to stay,’ Blinken said

‘We’ll continue to try and identify the status and plans of these people in the coming days.’


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