The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just overturned Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction on a technicality.

The ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is HERE

The 83-year old Cosby has been in the Pennsylvania state prison since 2018 but will now be a free man.

The Court issued an opinion to vacate his rape conviction.

He had appealed to the court in December, and the supreme court agreed to review two aspects of the case:

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-The first involved the judge’s decision to let prosecutors call five other accusers.

-The other examined Cosby’s argument that he had an agreement with a former prosecutor that he’d never be charged.

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A jury convicted Cosby in 2018 of three aggravated indecent assault counts.


Legendary TV star and comedian Bill Cosby was found guilty of drugging a woman and sexually assaulting her, bringing to a close this tragic chapter of his life that began in 2014 when scores of women came out and accused the actor of sexual assault.

Here’s Fox News with the details:

After 14 hours of deliberations, the jury reached a verdict around 1:30 p.m. ET and determined Cosby was guilty on three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault. The comedian initially had no visible reaction in the courtroom as his fate was announced. Still, upon hearing the district attorney’s request that his bail is revoked, he launched into an expletive-laden rant.

The moment happened when District Attorney Kevin Steele argued Cosby’s bail was not high enough. It prompted the comedian, who once called out Eddie Murphy for using curse words in his act, to push away his lawyer’s hand and shout that he does not have a private plane and then refer to Steele with an expletive.

“I’m sick of him!” Cosby shouted at Steele. The request to have his bail revoked was denied.

Cosby’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau, told reporters outside the courthouse: “We don’t think Mr. Cosby is guilty of anything, and the fight is not over.”

When asked by reporters if the defense team plans to appeal the verdict, an annoyed Mesereau replied, “Yes, yes. Very strongly.”

Earlier, celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who represented some of Cosby’s accusers, raved on the courthouse steps, “Justice has been done! …We are so happy that finally, we can say women are believed and not only on #MeToo but in a court of law.”

His chief accuser, Andrea Constand, remained stoic as the verdict was read. Shrieks erupted in the courtroom, and some of his other accusers cried.

Constand opted not to speak after the verdict. Still, her lawyer, Dolores M. Troiani, told reporters at a press conference, “I am so happy today that I can say that although justice was delayed, it was not denied.”

An emotional Steele also spoke at the press conference saying, “We’re finally in a place to say that justice was done.”He added, “Andrea Constand came here to Norristown for justice, and that’s what 12 jurors from Montgomery county provided her…and now we really know today…who the real Bill Cosby was.”

Cosby could end up serving 10 years in prison and paying a $25,000 fine on all three separate counts.

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