Federal lawmakers, the media, and watchdog groups have continued to increase scrutiny on the tens of billions of dollars of US aid going to Ukraine that is not being properly accounted for.

Previously, defense officials and most lawmakers opposed establishing an Inspector General to look in to how Ukraine’s aid money is being spent because it could decrease support for the war effort.

As the United States has continued to more or less offer a ‘blank check’ to Ukraine, giving it whatever it asks for to fend off the Russian invasion, calls have grown on both sides of the aisle to scrutinize aid.

The latest bill was supported by Democrat-turned-Independent Krysten Sinema (I-Az.) as well as Republicans.

Still, it is likely to fail as it stalled out in the Senate and a House-adjacent bill also stalled out.


The Epoch Times Reports

A bipartisan quartet of senators want Congress to create an Inspector General with broad authority to conduct comprehensive oversight investigations of how U.S. military and civilian assistance to Ukraine has been administered and whether the aid served the purpose for which it was given.

“Americans are supporting Ukraine’s brave work to beat back Russia by providing at least $113 billion in aid and military equipment. This is not an act of charity. It’s bolstering our own national security,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said in a Feb. 28 statement announcing the proposal.

The title of the bill is the Independent and Objective Oversight of Ukrainian Assistance Act. Kennedy introduced the same proposal in May 2022 in the 117th Congress, but it failed to be moved forward in the Senate. Rep. Robert J. Wittman (R-Va.) introduced a companion bill in the House but, like Kennedy’s version in the Senate, the proposal went nowhere in the lower chamber of Congress.

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