Law enforcement is reportedly chasing down dozens of people who entered the capitol on Wednesday, plus ten more.  This is despite the fact that numerous videos floating around the internet, like the ones we reported here, show that law enforcement not only let many if not all of these people into the building, but actually led many of them around the building!

Yet, still, if we assume that crimes were indeed committed by all of these people and that many weren’t simply led into a trap, things don’t add up from there.

This is because, apparently, trespassing, vandalism, or violence (which did occur) only seems to matters if the person is dressed like a clown…

…or believed to be a Trump supporter.  If not, they were released and not included in the ‘most wanted’ photos plastered all over the internet.

John Sullivan is a far-left Antifa/BLM agitator, who appears in a video in Provo, UT who told a group of radical activists calling for a revolution, saying, “We f*ckin’ bout to burn this shit down! We gotta f*cking rip Trump out of that office over there. F*cking pull him out of that shit. No, no, we ain’t about f*ckin’ waiting for another election! We about to go get that motherf*cker!” He asked the crowd to repeat after him, “It’s time for a revolution!” she shouted over and over again as the crowd members repeated.

In the video above, Jim Spiewak of KUTV in Utah spoke with John Sullivan, who was part of the crowd that breached the Capitol building. Curiously, the fact that Sullivan, who has a criminal record related to his radical activism in Utah where KUTV is located, and Mr. Spiewak is according to his Twitter profile, a 5X recipient of the Regional Murrow award for journalism, he couldn’t be bothered to check the criminal record of Sullivan in Utah, before referring to him as a “civil rights activist.”

We took this screenshot from Sullivan’s Instagram account. In the comment section, Sullivan repeats his mission statement, “We got to rip that MF out of office.”

On January 6th, he was also photographed and identified by Andy Ngo in the capitol building filming the murder of Ashli Babbit by DC law enforcement.

Don Purser shared a slow-motion of the Ashli Babbit video on Twitter that clearly showed Sullivan standing next to Babbit when she was shot.

Twitter has now suspended the popular activist, Don Purser’s Twitter account:

Now, Millie Weaver posted a video in which she appears to run into Sullivan outside of a hotel.  According to Weaver, Sullivan is discussing his arrest at some point and states that he will NOT be charged with any crime.  He is roaming around free as though nothing ever happened and, as far as we can tell from the 2 sets of wanted photos, we do not see him on their list.

Does this bother any of you?  Is there a double standard?

Millie’s videos are below:

And, according to Weaver, he is staying at the same hotel at which police harassed locked people in due to authoritarian curfews placed on them by the rabbid leftist, Mayor Muriel Bowser:


We previously reported on Sullivan when we saw photos of him at the January 6th capital protests:

“…Sullivan identifies himself as “John Sullivan of Salt Lake City, Utah, and part of Insurgence USA” Near the end of the video, Sullivan tells the crowd, ““We gotta f***ing rip Trump right outta that office!” telling the crowd they need to take action against Trump now, “No, no—we ain’t’ about waitin’ until the next election, we’re abu0t to go get that motherf*cker!”


In addition, Sullivan’s may be the voice on a call on which is heard the following statements:

“Whether Trump tries to steal the election or Biden wins, and tries to continue the same policies— let’s get together to stop it!

Only popular resistance has set a limit to what Trump can do.

Imagine what would have happened if protesters had not filled the streets. If antifascists had not shut down white supremacists.

It’s up to us to prevent a second Trump term, regardless of media disinformation—regardless of Democrat’s willingness to cede power.

Rather than focusing on symbolic marches, go where your actions will exert the most pressure.

Be careful not to prevent a vulnerable target to far-right vigilantes.

This is not just about Trump or about preserving democracy. If Biden wins there will still be police…”

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