Independent journalist Drew Hernandez captured an incredible speech by a black, self-proclaimed communist, speaking on behalf of the Revolutionary Club in NYC that happened only moments ago. In his speech, the radical leader and member of the Revolution Club called on his fellow comrades to “join the revolution.” The radical leftist admitted to burning the United States flag in front of the White House, telling the crowd, “We took that ugly f**king rag” and displayed it the only way it needs to be displayed in f**king flames!”

“Raise your sights!’ he demanded, adding, “Join the revolution to overthrow this system!”

He called on every leftist “Everybody here, in every organization and every march, every encampment has to take up the demand of driving Trump and Pence out of power!”  Now!—Not in November, not some far off time, not through these elections he’s already f*cking canceled, but right the f*ck now! Say it with me now!” he shouted. “Trump, Pence out now!”

“I’m inviting you to join the Revolution Club and finally drive out this f*cking nightmare of a system!” he told that crowd as they clap in the background to show their approval.

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How long will it take for Democrat leadership to denounce BLM and Communist activists who refer to our US flag as “f*cking rag” and who are calling for comrades to overthrow of our government and remove the President and Vice President of the United States from their elected offices before the November election?

Don’t hold your breath.

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