In the video below, a large group of BLM protesters can be seen walking down the street near the Trump rally chanting, “F**k Trump!” with fists in the air.

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These Trump supporters explain their frustration with being called a racist for being a Trump supporter. The group of 3 women and one male call the BLM protesters treatment of the National Guard disgusting and talk about how they were blocking the entrances to the rally.

A Black Lives Matter protester and a Trump supporter got into a screaming match earlier in the day after the BLM protester called the Trump supporter a “racist” for saying “All lives matter.”

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As Trump supporters began to exit the rally, BLM protesters were outside, taunting them. One young black man could be seen calling out to a group of white men, saying, “What’s up, N*gga?”


A BLM protester in this video can be seen threatening a white male, Trump supporter, and his girlfriend, telling him, ” I’ll beat your ass, motherf**ker!” When the reporter asked the white male if the BLM protester was talking to them, he said “He was trying to.” The reporter asked if they support President Trump? The man in the stars and stripes tank top who appeared to be the target of the BLM protester’s taunts, replied, “Abso-f*cking-lutely! He’s our president!”

The video below shows a large group of BLM protesters and another large anti-Trump group meeting p and joining forces.

Drew Hernandez also captured BLM protesters throwing an unknown liquid substance on Trump supporters.

This recent video shows BLM protesters and Trump supporters meeting in the street with no police in sight.

Jack Posobiec shares a video of the National Guard standing near the BOK Center Arena, as they access the scene while Trump supporters leaving the rally:

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