Multiple people were shot in during a parade during a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, IL, an affluent suburb of the crime-ridden city of Chicago. The shooter reportedly opened fire at 10:20 AM CT, while “standing on the roof of a store.”

UPDATE – Five people are dead and at least 16 are injured after a shooting at a July 4th parade in the affluent Chicago suburb of Highland Park.

The shooter – who remains at large – is said to have opened fire from the roof of what was an Uncle Dan’s outdoor outfitting store, picking off people in the crowd who at first confused the sound of gunshots with firecrackers and fireworks.

Parade goer is seen running from the gunshots as the parade continues to proceed down the parade route.

In another video, parade spectators are seen jumping up from their spots by the side of the road and running. A voice can be heard yelling, “Gunshots!”  A young boy can be heard telling his mom, “Oh my g*d, I can’t believe I actually recorded that,” followed by, “I didn’t record that…I didn’t record that!” as the chaotic scene unfolds and everyone is seen fleeing the scene.


In another video, a band can be seen playing upbeat music as people are running in the opposite direction of the parade path.

Chicago Sun-Times reports – The Highland Park Fourth of July parade ended in panic when shots were fired about 10 minutes after kicking off at 10 a.m. Monday, striking an unknown number of parade-goers and sending hundreds of people running for safety.

Multiple people were shot. A Chicago Sun-Times reporter saw blankets covering three bloodied bodies and five other people wounded and bloodied near the parade’s reviewing stand.

Several witnesses said they heard multiple shots fired. One witness said he counted more than 20 shots.

Here’s another look at the chaotic scene:

Miles Zaremski, a Highland Park resident, told the Sun-Times: “I heard 20 to 25 shots, which were in rapid succession. So it couldn’t have been just a handgun or a shotgun.”

Zaremski said he saw “people in that area that got shot,” including “a woman covered with blood . . . She did not survive.”

Local Police and first responders have joined the efforts of Highland Police to locate the shooter and help the injured. Lake County IL Sheriff’s Office is asking people to STAY OUT OF THE AREA and allow them to do their work.

Daily Mail reports – Paramedic vehicles were also part of the parade…. just to hear the pop, pop, pop…I have never seen this and I’d hope no American would ever see this.’

‘I saw 12 to 24 injuries… I saw a couple of lifeless bodies on the ground.’

In an article on The Chicago Sun-Times website, she wrote: ‘Multiple people were shot. A reporter saw five people bloodied. A blanket was covering one person.’



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