Hunter Biden’s degeneracy and influence peddling has already been well documented by the contents of his laptop that the mainstream media finally decided to admit was real just two weeks ago.  Hunter received multi-million dollar payouts from the Chinese government and helped a Chinese oligarch who is now in jail secure a meeting with President Biden.

A new bombshell report released yesterday exposed another member of the Biden crime family for taking payouts from the Chinese government.  The report found that Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, took a $17 million payout from a Chinese-financed consulting firm.


Hunter and James Biden also took monthly payouts of $100,000 and $65,000, respectively, from a top Chinese official at Chinese energy company CEFC as part of a consulting deal.

The report further found that both Hunter Biden and James Biden had their bank records subpoenaed dating back to 2019 for potential violations of tax and foreign lobbying laws.

A spokesperson for Public Citizen, a nonprofit that acts as a government watchdog, said that in the best case, the allegations ‘Look really bad.  In the worst case, the consequences could be quite serious’.

This week, the White House Chief of Staff was forced to stick up for Biden and said that President Biden does not believe his son or brother broke the law.  U.S banks have flagged over 150 transactions by both Hunter and James Biden.  One reason that banks flag transactions is because of a practice called ‘layering,’ a process usually designed to conceal illegal activity by passing money through third parties to hide its original source.

At a ‘disinformation’ conference that happened at the University of Chicago yesterday, one journalist said that she didn’t report on the Hunter Biden laptop story because she didn’t find it ‘interesting’.  It’s now becoming more obvious that journalists didn’t report on the story because it exposes Joe Biden’s entire family as corrupt.



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