In a strong move with disregard for the Russian and Egyptian efforts to point to a mechanical failure, the UK has announced a bomb may have taken down the Egyptian jet carrying 224 people. It’s clear that the UK doesn’t want to take any chances and as time goes on it’s looking more and more like an “explosive device” too down the Metrojet over the Sinai.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the crash but the Russians and Egyptians have been continuing to investigate several other theories.  One of the most recent theories is that the tail fell off because it was found three miles from the crash. The plane was in dry storage for two and a half years so that was considered a problem. If this is terrorism, the Russians are in tight spot with how to handle this act of terrorism. Will Putin hammer ISIS with a major show of force? 

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said that a bomb may have brought down the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt on Saturday.

The statement from the usually cautious British government is the strongest indicator yet that terrorists may have been responsible for the crash of the Metrojet Airbus Group SE A321, which was carrying 224 people. So far there haven’t been any findings released by investigators suggesting whether a bomb, some other explosion or a structural failure caused the plane to break into pieces and fall to the ground.
“While the investigation is still ongoing we cannot say categorically why the Russian jet crashed,” Cameron’s office said in an e-mailed statement on Wednesday. “But as more information has come to light we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device.”

Via: Bloomberg

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