MSNBC has just reported that Broward County, Florida officials have admitted that they successfully submitted their recounted votes total—but there’s one problem, they were two minutes late, and therefore, under the rules, the recounted votes won’t count.

According to Ari Melber of “The Beat With Ari” the entire developments, the drama, the protests, the counting, was for nothing.

The state is now going to use the original vote counts while the manual recount proceeds under state law.


Nothing about this last minute “mistake” of turning in the vote count two minutes late should surprise anyone who’s been watching this three-ring-circus in Broward County, under the watchful eye of their crooked elections supervisor Brenda Snipes.

Last week, during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, the embattled governor, Rick Scott, who won Florida’s election to become their next US Senator on the eve of November 6, 2018, nailed it, when he revealed stunning facts about shenanigans having to do with voting irregularities in Broward County. 

We got some left-wing activists. We got some Democratic D.C. lawyers. They’re down here for one purpose, to steal this election.” Scott adds that the Broward County Election Supervisor has “found 78,000 new votes since election day, 2 days ago, in Broward County.” 

Somehow, Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes manages to explain away every voting irregularity and shenanigan. It’s almost as if she has no idea how 78,000 votes just magically appeared in her Democrat-heavy county after the election.

Was this really about recounting the votes to ensure a free and fair election, or was it about attempting to change the outcome of the elections in Florida? Or was it simply about placing a seed of doubt in the minds of Floridians about the legitimacy of two Republicans who won two of the most hotly contested races in America?

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