A Saturday afternoon shooting in Buffalo, New York leaves at least 10 dead

Tragedy strikes as at least 10 victims were killed in what police are calling a mass shooting at a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York on Saturday afternoon.

Motorists and residents alike are being urged to avoid the area while the investigation continues, although the Buffalo Police Department has announced that a suspect is in fact in custody.

Expect further developments as more information is released. This is still considered an active shooting. The total number of injured and victims has yet to be confirmed, and neither has the suspect’s identity at the time of writing.

This is a tragic event reflecting part of a larger crime wave across the United States and in New York especially. Countless victims of violent crime have accumulated under recent Democrat “leadership” and yet the response from them is always the same–blame guns and gun advocates.

Rather than addressing the underlying causes of violent crime, cracking down on repeat offenders, and better equipping our police force to deal with violent offenders, what do these so-called authorities do? They point fingers and shout “defund the police!” And in deep blue states like New York, that leads to more and more tragedies such as this one.

Make no mistake, this is not a political tragedy. These are human beings whose lives were extinguished by a cruel and deranged gunman. But the event itself is also part of a larger pattern of rising violent crime in the nation which is thus far unaddressed by elected (and “elected”) officials.

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