Another lawsuit brought by Sidney Powell has been shot down in Georgia. Earlier today, an Obama-appointed judge also dismissed a lawsuit brought by Powell. An appeal to the 11th Circuit Court is next and then on to the Supreme Court.

The legal system continues to dismiss lawsuits not based on the evidence of fraud but based on legal technicalities. Judge Batten said that even if the evidence were true, he would dismiss the case.

Judge Batten (pictured above) is a George W. Bush-appointed judge who said Powell should have brought the lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems months ago:

Powell told the judge: “We could not have acted more quickly.”

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Batten replied: “You could have attacked the machines months ago.”

Powell said: “We have come forward with our claims as fast as humanly possible. This is a massive case and of great concern not just to Georgia, but the entire world.”

How was Sidney Powell supposed to know there would be election fraud? He also says the case should have been brought in state court.

Lin Wood just tweeted out about the corruption he’s seeing. Note that he mentioned judges too.

How can the mountains of evidence of voter fraud in Georgia and Michigan be ignored?

Like this video? Should this be ignored?

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