California Governor Gavin Newsom has been one of the leading figures supporting authoritarian lockdowns and vaccine mandates.  The Governor has been vaccinated four times and often appears in public double-masked.  It’s likely this is just for appearances, however, as he has been caught attending so-called ‘super spreader’ events without a mask, including the NFC Championship game that had 73,000 people in attendance.

Yesterday, Newsom announced that he caught Covid-19 despite his mask publicity stunts and being quadruple vaccinated.

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Just last week, Newsom advocated for Californians getting their second Covid-19 booster shot on Instagram, complete with a video of him getting his booster.  One user commented that it was the same video he used from when he got his first booster, indicating that he did not actually get his second one.


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Despite at least 82% of US citizens receiving at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, cases have been on the upswing in the last month.  In early April, cases hit a low of 10,566 for April 2nd.  On May 26th, the most recent day that Covid cases were recorded, there were 111,994 cases.

Covid cases reached an all-time high months after the vaccine had been released, with over 900,000 cases recorded on January 14th.

After spending millions of dollars to ward off a recall effort, Newsom’s approval rating has dipped significantly due to increasing crime in the state and his poor handling of the housing crisis.  From September, when he won the recall race, to this February, his approval rating dipped from 64% to 48%.

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