As primary elections for California’s radical governor and AG heat up, non-Democrat residents of a state run by far-left radicals need to be vigilant to ensure their elections don’t end up looking like November 2020.

On Saturday, Christina Repaci was walking her dog in East Hollywood, CA, when she found a US Postal bin filled with over 100 mail-in ballots for the upcoming election.

An alarmed Repaci contacted “several politicians” but claimed they ignored her. The East Hollywood resident reached out to the local Sherriff’s department, where she was told it wasn’t their problem and was told to contact the USPS.

“It was so much stress and for one just person to get back to me! I was like, ‘What do I do here?'” she told the FOX 11 reporter. ” I just don’t think it should have been this hard to figure out what to do with legal ballots.”

Of course, the early statement from the LA County Registrar-Recorder’s office attempts to discredit any belief or suggestion that the box filled with mail-in-ballots was tied to voter fraud efforts but instead suggests that early signs indicate that it’s simply a case of “mail theft.”

The LA County Registrars’ office claims they will re-issue the ballots to the voters whose votes were either discarded or stolen.


What would have happened if Christina Repaci went home, opened the ballots, and decided the voters disagreed with her choices, so she discarded them? Not everyone is as honest or as determined as Repaci to ensure the voters who sent their ballots by mail (the least secure way of voting) would make it to their final destination.


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