Soooo is Obama going to ban swords now? The excuse given for this behavior by a California Muslim man is that he was “radicalized”. I would beg to differ. I’ll bet he’s doing what he knows to do in a dispute, which isn’t the least bit radical to him. The usual excuse for this behavior was given:

He’s unstable and this had nothing to do with Islam: “He doesn’t care about religion. He just goes to mosque for the heck of it.”

VICTORVILLE-( “I would die and kill for Allah” yelled Mohamed Elrawi as he chased his terrified neighbor with a sword during a dispute. Just before 5:10 p.m. on Monday, December 7th deputies from the Victorville Station responded to a subject that was brandishing a weapon on the 14000 block of La Paz Drive.

Due to the nature of the investigation, a search warrant was obtained for the search of Ellrawi’s home. During the execution of a search warrant detectives located a Koran along with several other items leading investigators to believe Elrawi may be a radicalized Muslim. “Sheriff’s Intelligence Division was notified of the investigation. Deputies began surveillance and at a little after midnight, Elrawi returned to his apartment and was quickly taken into custody without incident,” said Sgt. Dave Burgess.

Mark Tashamneh, 50, of Victorville, is a resident at the apartment complex who told the Daily Press he was born and raised in Jordan. Tashamneh came to the United States in 2001 and said he knew Elrawi and that he was a mechanic he had worked with a couple of times.
Tashamneh said he heard a commotion occurring outside of his apartment Monday night and when he opened his apartment door he saw Elrawi threatening neighbors. Later that night, Tashamneh said he also witnessed authorities taking Elrawi into custody. He said Elrawi threatened him in Arabic, saying he was going to kill Tashamneh when he got out of jail. Sheriff’s officials did not confirm Tashamneh’s claims.
Tashamneh told the Daily Press that Elrawi accused him of calling authorities and telling them he was a terrorist. Tashamneh said he was questioned about the terrorism accusation but cleared up things with authorities. Tashamneh told the Daily Press he didn’t call authorities on Elrawi and that he has never referred to him as a terrorist.
“I’m a Christian, I’m happy … and I believe what I believe,” Tashamneh said. “I am not against what he believes, but he apparently has a problem with me and came and threatened me.”
Yolanda Goring, 25, of Victorville, is also a resident at the apartment complex who said she witnessed some of Monday’s altercation. Goring said she didn’t know Elrawi personally but would see him around the complex.
According to Goring, she walked outside to see Elrawi wielding a sword and threatening the other residents.
“My kids were sleeping when I heard a lot of noise,” Gorning said. “I went outside and saw that (Elrawi) had a big sword that he was swinging back and forth. I went back inside but I could still hear yelling and arguing and I heard (Elrawi) telling someone that he was going to kill him.”
Goring said she could hear Elrawi arguing and yelling with one of her neighbors, accusing him of stealing something.
Another source who wished to remain anonymous said they knew Elrawi as “Mo” and would greet him every day after they came back from work.
“I remember last night there were cops here when I was walking,” the source told the Daily Press. “He told me he tends to keeps to himself and that he doesn’t talk to anybody. I never really assumed he would do anything.”
The director of the High Desert Islamic Society in Victorville, Yousef Farha, told the Daily Press on Tuesday that Elrawi is a former member of that mosque. Elrawi was banned from the mosque in January after a small group — Elrawi included — attempted to “hijack” the mosque, according to Farha.
Farha said Elrawi also threatened his life and police informed Farha to “watch out.”
“Mentally he is not stable,” Farha said. “(Elrawi) — just about two or three years ago — his son committed suicide and that contributed to his situation. He doesn’t care about religion. He just goes to mosque for the heck of it.”
A “Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi” was previously charged with attempted murder in this county and later convicted Feb. 10, 1999 for felony spousal abuse in a plea bargain, court records show. It wasn’t clear Tuesday afternoon whether Elrawi was the same person. In that case, the man was sentenced to six years in prison and credited with 605 days for time served and good behavior — 89 of which were spent at Patton State Hospital, a forensics psychiatric facility, in San Bernardino, court records show.Anyone with any information is urged to contact Detective M. Mason or Sergeant Dave Burgess at the Victorville Police Department reference report # 171514867 at 760-241-2911. Callers wishing to remain anonymous can call the We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463) or you may leave information on the We-Tip website at

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