Over the past two weeks, millions of Canadians and people from around the world have joined the efforts of over 50,000 truckers who have joined forces to fight for the freedoms of all Canadians against COVID mandates and restrictions.

Several provinces have caved and are removing their authoritarian mandates, but Canada’s weak Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who’s been openly ridiculed, and likely bullied behind the scenes by fellow liberals, for his handling of the protests is reportedly preparing to invoke martial law in Canada at 4:30 PM today.

The CBC reports – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told his caucus he will invoke the never-before-used Emergencies Act to give the federal government extra powers to handle anti-vaccine mandate protests across the country, sources say.

The Emergencies Act, which replaced the War Measures Act in the 1980s, defines a national emergency as a temporary “urgent and critical situation” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it.”

It gives special powers to the prime minister to respond to emergency scenarios affecting public welfare (natural disasters, disease outbreaks), public order (civil unrest), international emergencies or war emergencies.

The War Measures Act has not been used since 1970 when Justin Trudeau’s father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau enacted the act during the October Crisis.

The October Crisis refers to a chain of events that started in October 1970 when members of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnapped the provincial Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross from his Montreal residence. These events saw the Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoking the War Measures Act for the first time in Canadian history during peacetime.

The Premier of Quebec, Robert Bourassa, and the Mayor of Montreal, Jean Drapeau, supported Trudeau’s invocation of the War Measures Act, which limited civil liberties and granted the police far-reaching powers, allowing them to arrest and detain 497 people. The Government of Quebec also requested military aid to support the civil authorities, with Canadian Forces being deployed throughout Quebec.

Ottawa police have said they are outnumbered by crowds protesting vaccine mandates in the capital. Despite a provincial state of emergency, protesters ignored the threat of arrest and jail time and flocked to the city’s centre over the weekend.

Demonstrators have erected tents, a stage, a large video screen and even a hot tub on various streets — including Wellington Street, which runs in front of the Parliament Buildings and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Ottawa police said “safety concerns” — including “aggressive, illegal behaviour” by demonstrators — are to blame for the “limited police enforcement capabilities.”

Of course, the so-called reports from the Ottawa Police are questionable at best. Several reporters and protesters who attended the protest in Ottawa have expressed surprise at how the truckers have been taking care of the homeless, how they’ve been keeping the sidewalks shoveled and have been generally positive, despite the harsh weather conditions and the stealing of fuel and firewood by Ottawa Police officers.

While the Left tries to convince the world the truckers are terrorists, the image below shows what Ottawa REALLY looks like. Note the comment by an unhinged liberal about the dangerous protester who “installed a hot tub in the middle of a downtown street.” LOL!


The shutdown at the Ambassador Bridge proved to be a pivotal point in the protest. Until the shutdown of one of the busiest international crossings, foreign leaders stayed out of the issue. It wasn’t until Michigan’s Demcorat Governor, who almost single-hadedly destroyed the eocnomy in Michigan with authoritarian lockdown measures, began to demand that Ontario remove the freedom protesters, that military tanks and SWAT teams moved in to aggressively clear the protesters on the Windsor side of the bridge.

From CBC– Once cabinet declares an emergency, it takes effect right away — but the government still needs to go to Parliament within seven days to get approval. If either the Commons or the Senate votes against the motion, the emergency declaration is revoked.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said Monday that while he sees the prime minister’s decision to turn to the Emergencies Act as “proof of a failure of leadership,” he will support the declaration — which should secure its passage through a minority Parliament.

“The reason why we got to this point is because the prime minister let the siege in Ottawa go on for weeks and weeks without actually doing anything about it, allowed the convoy to shut down borders without responding appropriately,” he said.

Jack Lindsay, an associate professor in the applied disaster and emergency studies department at Brandon University in Manitoba, said one of the first steps in invoking the Emergencies Act is the government showing that a state of emergency exists.

“They’re gonna have to basically prove that first hurdle, that it is a national emergency,” he said.

“He’s basically going to be arguing that these truckers are basically creating a threat to the security of Canada.”

“To invoke a national emergency, the government would need to be saying that these protests threaten the security of Canada, our sovereignty or our territorial integrity,” she said.

“I have real concerns about fudging the legal thresholds to invoke the most powerful federal law that we have.”

In a meeting with the Liberal caucus on Monday morning, Trudeau said there were no plans to deploy the military, according to the sources.

The War Measures Act was most famously used in peacetime by Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau during the October Crisis.

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