CANADA IS A TICKING TIME BOMB! Anyone who lives in Michigan or close to the Canadian border should be aware of the threat of terrorism coming from Canada. A 24-year old who was known to police and linked to ISIS was taken down in a dramatic operation by the royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Muslim population in Canada has exploded with the influx of over 30,000 refugees from Syria. This ISIS sympathizer is described as “white” in all information…a muslim convert. He was a known risk and is believed to be behind a suicide bomb plot in a densely populated city to maximize casualties.

Canadian police reportedly killed a lone suspect in a major anti-terrorist takedown operation on Wednesday. The suspect was linked to Islamic State and believed to be behind a suicide bomb plot on a major Canadian city.
The suspect was identified as Aaron Driver, 24, according to Canadian media.

Driver was killed during a dramatic Royal Canadian Mounted Police operation in the southern Ontario town of Strathroy, which is located around 225 kilometers (140 miles) west of Toronto.
The suspect, who was well known to Canadian intelligence and police as an Islamic State sympathizer, died inside a house on Wednesday.

Police said that Driver was likely acting alone and that there was no longer a threat to public’s safety.

Canadian media reported that he likely wanted to target a busy public area in Toronto with an IED to cause massive casualties.

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