Victor Green, a federal PPC candidate for Windsor – Tecumseh, is one of the good guys fighting for the rights of Canadians to make their own decisions about being vaccinated, tweeted about the Truckers For Freedom Convoy that’s now shutting down the Ambassador Bridge that connects Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, MI.

One of the busiest international borders globally. carrying $1.5 billion in trade annually. $1.1 million per day. Now a car park. The Ambassador Bridge links Detroit Michigan with Windsor Ontario.

Here’s a great view of the truckers Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls a small “fringe” of protesters.

Tractors, pick up trucks, SUVs and sedans have all joined the truckers to shut it down!

As night falls, there is no sign of the truckers budging from their position, as they continue to fight for freedom for Canadians and by extension, the Americans who are cheering them on in Michigan.

According to this Twitter user, the truckers aren’t even supposed to be arriving at the Ambassador Bridge until tomorrow:

Roll on truckers for freedom…America has your back!

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