A cargo train derailed Sunday afternoon near Pueblo, Colorado, and spilled coal along the highway.

According to Colorado State Patrol, it appeared the train derailed on a collapsed bridge at an overpass.

Footage of the wreckage shows a semi-truck trapped beneath the overpass where the cargo train derailed.

The derailment caused I-25 to close in both directions.

Several agencies in Colorado reportedly are assisting with the cleanup.


“I 25 mile post 106 northbound and southbound near PUEBLO is closed due to train derailment. Expect extended closure in the area due to train cars and coal on the interstate,” Colorado State Patrol posted.

“I 25 detours are: SB is being Routed off at exit 135 to Highway 115 then back to I 25. NB is being routed to Highway 50 over to Highway 115 and back on the I 25. Media staging will be exit 104 to the side of I 25.”

“I25 north of Pueblo closed to North & Southbound traffic due to a train derailment impacting interstate. Motorists going north to Colo Springs need to exit @ HWY 50 and go west to Penrose & north HWY 115. Southbound traffic from Colo Springs to Pueblo take HWY 115 south,” Pueblo County Sheriff posted.

CBS News reports:

A semi was reportedly under the bridge at the time, according to the Colorado State Patrol. Rescue crews are working to extricate the unconscious driver. It is currently unknown if other vehicles are involved.

Colorado State Patrol said around 5:15 p.m. that the bridge the train was traveling on appeared to have collapsed.

It’s not clear exactly when the bridge collapsed, but local Leo Star contacted CBS News Colorado and sent pictures of the derailment just before 4 p.m.

A separate picture from Colorado State Patrol shows the truck underneath the collapsed bridge.

It is unclear what led to the derailment of the train. There were multiple agencies currently working the scene.

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