Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has done it again. He’s uncovered yet another deceitful piece of coverage on the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic in America by CBS News.

O’Keefe begins his interview with a man whose identity is being hidden, “You’re telling me—you’re 100% certain, that CBS News, CBS News Corporation national—staged a fake event. They faked the news. They faked the reality, and broadcasted that to all of their audience, last Friday, May 1st on CBS This Morning,” O’Keefe asks? “100%. Absolutely,” his guest responds.

The CBS This Morning segment begins with host Gayle King telling their viewers,  Only 6 states have reported more cases than Michigan, but fewer than 2% of its people have been tested for the virus. She continued, “In our series on the state of coronavirus testing, Adriana Diaz shows how Michigan is trying to improve a system that has failed some of its people.” Diaz continued, “But the governor [Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer] says testing above all else, will help to determine when to fully reopen.

“We knew they were coming,” one of the registered nurses at Cherry Health Center tells undercover reporters for Project Veritas, adding, “Well, we knew they were coming, but we had no idea we would have to like do fake patients.”

According to the unidentified male whistleblower, the line of cars that were supposed to be patients waiting to be tested that was shown by CBS News in their coverage actually contained medical personnel posing as patients, and only one or two of them were actually patients.

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What was CBS News’ motive? Was it to make Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer look like she was doing the job that President Trump’s COVID-19 task force was unable to do for residents in the must-win state of Michigan?


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It isn’t the first time CBS News was caught using fake footage to push a pro-Democrat message to their viewers during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

On April 3, after conservative news outlets revealed that CBC This Morning used fake footage to push a story about overcrowded NYC hospitals, CBS News admitted to using fake footage, calling it an “editing error.”

The footage from an Italian hospital was used during a CBS This Morning segment that featured New York’s Democrat Governor Cuomo. In the segment, the Democrat governor talked about the dire situation in New York hospitals. To add to the drama, CBS featured a video showing what the viewers believed was a New York hospital room packed with patients suffering from complications related to the coronavirus.

The only problem is the video footage that CBS This Morning used in their segment with Governor Cuomo, where he falsely complained about the lack of support from the federal government, first appeared on Sky News 3 days earlier and was actually filmed in a hospital in Italy.

The CBS statement focused on how the federal government (President Trump) isn’t getting them the equipment they need to fight the coronavirus. Moments before the CBS segment shows an angry Governor Cuomo talking about how he’s not getting enough ventilators from the federal government, they show the video footage from an Italian hospital.

Here’s the CBS segment shared by The Gateway Pundit. 

Go to the 1:20 mark to see the Italian hospital footage, that’s followed up by a dramatic Democrat Governor asking FEMA officials, “What am I gonna do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000? You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die because you only sent 400!” Aside from his inability to add or subtract, the governor’s rhetoric is difficult to take seriously after it was discovered that the day before his interview, Vice President Mike Pence announced that 2,000 ventilators were delivered to the state of New York on the day before his interview with CBS This Morning, and 2,000 more were being delivered on the same day of his rant.

CBS has admitted to using footage from the hospital in Italy in their piece on Governor Cuomo’s interview, calling it an “editing mistake.”

“It was an editing mistake,” a CBS News spokesperson told Fox News. “We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows.”

The problem with CBS News’ editing mistake is that the footage of the Italian hospital was being used to give credence to the Democrat governor’s claim that New York City hospitals were overwhelmed while criticizing President Trump for not giving the state enough ventilators to help the state in their battle against the coronavirus pandemic sweeping our nation.

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