The 100% FED Up article stating that only 6% of coronavirus deaths are solely from COVID-19 has been corrected to reflect the fact that the information from the CDC is not “BREAKING NEWS” and that “CORRECTION: Over 194,000 Americans Have Died This Year Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”
It is inaccurate to claim that only 6% of deceased patients died from COVID solely:
Health Feedback states that the U.S. standard death certificate used in the U.S., and the U.S. CDC guidelines on certifying death the underlying cause of death and the comorbidities are explicitly considered and recorded separately. It is important to note that for a death to be certified as a COVID-19 death, physicians must have determined that COVID-19, rather than unrelated comorbidities like diabetes or poisoning, was the trigger for the chain of events leading to death.
Patients listed as COVID-19 deaths died from COVID-19, not simply with it, even in cases where comorbidities were present. As per CDC guidelines, comorbidities may contribute to the chance of survival but are not the underlying cause of death. This has also been verified by U.S. medical examiners.

 Also, COVID-19 can directly or indirectly cause a broad array of medical conditions. If COVID-19 caused a medical condition that did not trigger the chain of events leading to death, that medical condition is considered comorbidity. In other words, some patients among the 94% may have suffered from comorbidities originating from COVID-19. Looking at the excess deaths of 2020 makes it clear that 200,000 Americans died this year due to the pandemic. VIA  Health Feedback 

Dr. Anthony Fauci also disputes the assertation about the other 94% of deaths:
Fauci told the ABC program “Good Morning America”: “The numbers you’ve been hearing — there are 180,000-plus deaths — are real deaths from Covid-19. Let (there) not be any confusion about that. It’s not 9,000 deaths from Covid-19, it’s 180-plus-thousand deaths,” 
According to CNN: New York, New Jersey, and Texas are the three top states with coronavirus deaths. The number of deaths in New York far outweigh the numbers in New Jersey and Texas:
New York: 33,023
New Jersey: 16,031
Texas: 14,405
There have been over six million cases of COVID-19 recorded in the US, with just under 200,00 deaths.
With the death count going up every day, the race for a vaccine against COVID-19 becomes even more important.

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