Pirmary elections are taking place in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Washington Tuesday as the country braces for some tightly contested races. Eyes will be on Trump-endorsed candidates running against Republicans who have not represented conservative beliefs over their past term.

Unfortunately, issues are already being reported, with a variety of concerns circulating on social media. Dr. Kelli Ward is the Arizona GOP Chairwoman, her Twitter feed has been a stream of issues voters are encountering at the polls.
In Maricopa, a woman contends that she was forced to use a felt tip pen and had her ballot smear, indicating she voted for a candidate different than intended.

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Maricopa County is apparently also having issues with their printers.

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In pima County ballots are reportedly jamming the machines.

Arizona’s citizens are also struggling to locate their voting precincts using the Arizona voters website.

Trump’s endorsed Secretary of State pick for Arizona, Mark Finchem, recently detailed his plan to fight fraud with a paper ballot.

And Turning Point USA founder Charlie  Kirk is issuing a warning that Arizona Conservatives need to get out and vote today!


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