The unwarranted violence against innocent White people by Black Lives Matter protesters terrorists is getting out of control! This young girl in a dress and heels is walking down the stairs when she is approached by and angry mob of Blacks and is sucker punched in the face.

Someone in the background can be heard yelling,”Hey…hey…hey…she didn’t do anything!” The point is…they don’t care if she did anything. 

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This is the gut-wrenching, divisive legacy of our “First Black President”…

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The EpiCenter in Charlotte, where videos have captured unbelievable violence has announced they will be closing due to safety concerns for their patrons. Click HERE to see video of young White man who begged for mercy, as he was attacked entering the parking garage two days ago.

In other words: In response to the violent beatings of random White people by Black Lives Matter thugs, we will be closing until these acts of terror are under control…

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