While Chicago murders skyrocket, the BLM “protesters” are focusing on a statue of Christopher Columbus. This is evidence that black lives don’t matter to these people. If they cared about the black lives being snuffed out every day in Chicago, they would march on the neighborhoods to demand safety and security for the residents.

Windy City Weather and News is reporting that ‘protestors’ in Grant Park are ‘throwing bottles, bricks, and fireworks at the police by the Columbus statue.’  Fireworks can be heard going off along with obscenities shouted at police.

Violence between police and the ‘protesters’ broke out in Chicago:

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Protesters suddenly attacked police at the statue of Columbus.

The protesters don’t want to be recorded vandalizing or taking down a statue. One guy got a rope around the Columbus statue in Chicago but was not successful in damaging the statue.

A woman screeched at the police:

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