People are jumping ship in the Chicago Prosecutor’s Office…The Ethics Officer and another top exec in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office have resigned.

The State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has been under the spotlight since she dropped 16 felony charges on ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett.

The Chief Ethics Officer April Perry submitted her resignation letter on Monday after working with Kim Foxx since January of 2017.

Also, Mark Rotert, who worked under Perry, submitted his resignation in late March when the news that the 16 felony charges were dropped.

This is part of the backlash against Foxx’s decision to drop the 16 charges against Smollett. There is also an independent inspector general’s investigation over Foxx’s supposed recusal.

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In fact, Perry is the one who announced that Foxx was recusing herself from the Smollett case when in truth Foxx never officially followed through with the recusal.

Perry’s email stating that Foxx would recuse herself stated:

“Please note that State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is recused from the investigation involving victim Jussie Smollett. First Assistant State’s Attorney Joe Magats is serving as the Acting State’s Attorney for this matter.”

Documents released this week show that Foxx continued to stay involved in the case.

She later claimed her recusal was “informal” and she did not mean it in a “legal sense” but instead a “colloquial sense.”

Foxx has politicized the Chicago Police Department and has made claims of racism where there is none. She recently held a rally at Jesse Jackson’s rainbow Push headquarters:

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As a group of supporters of Kim Foxx gathered at Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push headquarters for a rally, five Chicagoans had been shot on the South Side including one child shot in the chest. Chicago has very tough gun restrictions but still has a high rate of gun deaths in the black community.  The shooting happened at a family gathering, and the witnesses are not cooperating.

Black on black crime is a normal occurrence on any given weekend in Chicago. This is why what Rep. Bobby Rush, a great candidate for term limits, said at the rally for Foxx is so outrageous. He claimed that the police union is the “sworn enemy of black people.”

Rep. Bobby Rush – “The FOP is the sworn enemy of black people, the sworn enemy of black people.”

But then the race-baiting got worse…

Kim Foxx claimed that white extremist groups participated in the police union demonstration last week. This is a claim the union has rejected.

Foxx played the victim:

“The injection of white nationalists in this conversation for me, I will tell you personally; I was afraid.”

I would certainly hope that the FOP and whatever their disagreements with me may be, whatever concerns that they may have about my ability or leadership, would at least expect the people of their union to not inject racism or white nationalists into the conversation.”

This is a nice pivot for Foxx who has been under fire for her shady dealings in the Jussie Smollett case. The police union protest last week was a demonstration to end the corruption that let Jussie skate on 16 felony charges.

It’s interesting that Jussie Smollett was released after quickly completing a few hours of “community service” at Rainbow Push in Chicago. This is one of the reasons cited for his release…his community service was the Saturday and Monday before he was released on Tuesday!


FOP response to statements made by Bobby Rush today about Kimberly Foxx:

The FOP calls on the Chicago’s media and elected officials, particularly Mayor Elect Lori Lightfoot, to defend Chicago Police officers against the ignorant, offensive, malicious, and false statements made by Bobby Rush today about Chicago Police Officers being the enemy of black people.

The police did not compel Jussie Smollett to report a hate crime. Nevertheless, they investigated his claims aggressively as if Smollett were the victim. It was the evidence that transformed Smollett from victim into offender, not race. It was Kimberly Foxx’s decision to defy the evidence, the investigation, the law, and procedure to drop charges against Mr. Smollett, an act that earned her condemnation from prosecutors throughout the state.

These outrageous and irresponsible comments have demeaned each and every Chicago Police Officer, regardless of their race.

It’s time the media spent some energy illuminating the long history of violent crime committed by Bobby Rush’s Black Panthers throughout the 1970s, including the murder of black and white police officers. The national media has reported the connections of the Smollett family to the Black Panther movement, including Angela Davis, but not the local press.

According to media reports, Angela Davis is a revolutionary who called for violence against police officers. She is accused of providing weapons to Black Panthers that were used to kill a judge in a botched attempt to free her husband from prison and has claimed that all criminals who are minorities should be freed from prison because they are political prisoners.

How can Bobby Rush claim to represent African Americans when he so falsely attacks the people who strive to protect their communities and enforce the law each and every day?

The FOP stands by what the Lodge and so many police chiefs throughout Cook County have already said: Foxx should immediately resign her position as a prosecutor.

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