A poll watcher was reportedly asked to leave a Fairfax County, VA polling location after pointing out that the Chief of Elections was not following proper protocol.

After a number of individual absentee ballots did not match the number tallied on the envelope, a poll watcher in Fairfax County, VA called the Chief of Elections on the carpet before being reported to the local government and asked to leave the polling station.

Amber Athey tweeted “By the time she was asked to leave, they had no found the missing ballot. They accused her of ‘interfering with voters.’

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Fairfax County government tweeted, “Voting scenes from around the county (including patriotic attire!). #Vote until 7 p.m. at your assigned precinct. You can bring your completed mailed ballot to any location until 7 p.m.” Tuesday morning with images of many American patriots lining up to cast their votes.

This is a developing story.

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