Xi Jinping has remained committed to a “zero-covid” policy despite the fact that most of the world has moved on from the pandemic.

China has had some of the most draconian lockdown policies of any country.

Videos and images surfaced of Chinese citizens who were completely locked down inside their homes and unable to leave, even for essential services such as food.

During a covid spike earlier this year, a Chinese government official who was on a visit to a locked-down area was received with calls from starving Chinese citizens yelling out their window asking for food.

Now, the Chinese government has once again locked down nearly a million citizens in Wuhan.

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The lockdown was the result of only four asymptomatic covid cases.

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Chinese President XI Jinping

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Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, has locked down a district of nearly one million people since discovering four asymptomatic cases, under the country’s strict zero-COVID policy.

Officials in Wuhan’s district of Jiangxia, which is home to over 970,000 people, announced Wednesday that they would enforce three days of “temporary control measures.” According to the Wall Street Journal, public venues such as bars and theaters would be closed, but the restrictions don’t stop there. Small clinics, farmer’s markets, tourist attractions, public transportation and all places of religious worship alike were shut down. Residents were instructed to not leave the district unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Even further, authorities have also identified four “high-risk” neighborhoods in Jiangxia where residents are completely banned from leaving their homes. Another four neighborhoods were categorized as medium-risk, meaning that residents may leave their individual homes but not their compounds.

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