Rumble has been down almost all day today.

But it’s not just Rumble.

A serious Cyberattack has been crippling vital U.S. systems all day long.

Watch this breaking news alert from Fox News:

There have been reports of a significant cyberattack targeting critical infrastructure in the United States, allegedly carried out by Chinese state-sponsored hackers. The hacking group, code-named “Volt Typhoon,” has been active since 2021 and is believed to be part of a larger effort by the Chinese government to infiltrate key industries and sectors in the U.S.

The attack has affected numerous industries, including government, communications, and transportation, with a particular focus on gathering intelligence. The hackers have used sophisticated techniques to evade detection, such as exploiting vulnerabilities in popular cybersecurity suites and using built-in network tools to infiltrate systems.

This cyberattack has raised concerns about the potential for future disruption or sabotage of critical infrastructure, especially in light of recent warnings about Chinese hackers targeting power grids in the U.S. and Guam. The U.S. government has urged organizations to take steps to protect their systems and prevent further infiltration by these state-sponsored hackers.

This is a pretty incredible depiction of the attack from Kaspersky:

Here’s more from Whitney Webb:

Is anyone buying that this is just a “coincidence” that it comes on the heels of Barack & Michelle Obama’s new movie called “Leave The World Behind”….which is about, you guessed it, a crippling cyberattack on the United States.

Predictive programming much?

But that’s a bit on the nose, even for these people:

In the movie “Leave the World Behind,” a cyberattack causes a nationwide blackout and destabilizes the country. The film follows two families as they navigate the crisis, with the former president’s experience in disaster preparedness and technology helping to shape the movie’s realism. The film was released in 2023 and stars Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, and Mahershala Ali.

It’s a stunning connection to the cyberattack in the United States today as both involve a technological attack on the nation’s infrastructure, highlighting the importance of cybersecurity and the potential consequences of such an attack.

Just another huge coincidence!


The Truth About The Power Grid Outage Risk in America

Patrick Bet-David has quickly become one of the most trusted sources of news (beyond yours truly of course).

But truth is, we often work closely together.

And that’s what I’m doing today.

I just came across this 11 minute video from Patrick (shout out to Mark, thanks for sending to me) and I thought it was so good I wanted to share it with you.

Not a lot of people are talking about this, but it has been high up on my radar for a long time.

So glad to see Patrick talking about it, because he breaks it down in a way that’s so easy to understand.

So please take a moment to watch this:

FULL TRANSCRIPT for everyone who always asks for one:

by the way before Co did you ever think
that you and I were going to go through
an epidemic or pandemic where we’re
going to be told that you know we’re
going to shut down everything you’re

going to be working from home you better
quarantine put the mask on have gloves
on when you’re going out there don’t
touch this don’t do that kid stay home
did you think that like did that thought

even cross your mind when 2019 was going
into 2020 and you’re preparing in
December did you say honey we better be
ready for a potential pandemic to happen
we did not think about it and then all
of a sudden boom we were hit with it

right you know it’s so one thing no
one’s talking about that is very likely
that could happen a power outage so
imagine powered outage happens No Light
No fridge food is no longer good no
phone charger phone is done no internet
what happens to your life FYI come on
Pat that would never happen to us well

let me give you our score on how good
we’re doing with power Energy System the
American Society of civil engineers
which gave the US Energy System a c
minus on great on its 2021
infrastructure report car said that the
grid investment Trends will eventually
lead to a funding gap of almost $200
billion in 2029 and also in 2021 threat

assessment from the office of the
Director of National Intelligence stated
that Russia China Iran and North Korea
have the capability to cause harm to the

energy grid What also at the same time
the Energy Secretary Jennifer granholm
confirmed that America’s adversaries
possess the capability to shut down the
grit what we’re going to talk about that
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6984 okay so if you get value out of
this video give it a thumbs up subscribe
to the channel let’s get right into it
I’m going to give you some good news and
some bad news here’s some good news for
the good news is the average US
electricity consumer experienced of

interruptions annually remained
consistently at around 2 hours per year
from 2013 to 2021 we’re lucky if you
look at these charts here this right
here shows us the blue is with major
events the navy blue is without major
events of course 2017 2020 2021 maybe
weather maybe additional things that

happen we experiened a little bit but
around 2 hours per year on average now
here’s the bad news the bad news is much
of the US electric grid
was built in the 60s and the 7s we’re
talking 70 years ago is when it was
built currently over 70% of the US
electricity grid is more than 25 years
old according to the White House so
we’ve updated almost everything yeah

let’s upgrade this upgrade that our
electricity grid 70% of it hasn’t been
updated for more than 25 years what
really maybe it’s something no
president’s looking at right they’re
like well it’s not really a threat we
shouldn’t look at this here now you may
say come on Pat of course the
government’s going to be paying

attention to this kind of stuff because
this is on us this is not free market we
don’t do this right now somebody else
could maybe figure it out this is the
government’s responsibility and us
taxpayers we’ll pay our taxes yeah I
think they kind of know what they’re
doing in DC Pennsylvania right I mean
they they’re they’re smart people we
elected them watch this on October 18th
2023 Biden Harrison Administration

announced $3.5 billion for largest ever
investment in America’s electric grid
you know what the budget was the deficit
was at that time $1.7 trillion what is
$35 billion not a lot so now where is
our vulnerability like where are some
areas we should be worried about number
one extreme weather abnormal heat or
cold tornadoes hurricanes flood or
storms major power outages from weather
related events in the US increased by
67% since 2000 number two cyber security

the 2020 Homeland threat assessment from
the Department of Homeland Security
stated that China has the capability and
possible intent to compromise the energy
grid what would that look like would
China want to do that if they did
wouldn’t they probably blame somebody
else like they did with covid when it
came out from Wuhan and they said no it
probably came from some kind of a you
know other place but it’s not us it’s
somebody else you think China would take
responsibility for it of course not they
haven’t for a recent one you think

they’re going to for this number three
is EMP an electromagnetic pulse also
referred to as a transient
electromagnetic disturbance Ted is a
brief burst of electromagnetic energy
the origin of EMP can be natural or
artificial and can occur as an
electromagnetic field there are two
potential sources for an EMP the
deliberate detonation of a nuclear
device in the atmosphere above the Earth
or a massive solar flare the concept
consquences of either could range from a
few days without power to lifechanging
number four is actual physical attacks

on power grid which rose by 71% last
year compared to 2021 the department of
energy strategy does not include a
complete assessment of all the cyber
security risk to the grid by the way the
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
does not have a good understanding of
the scale of the potential impacts from
the impact and in the first 8 months of
2022 the US electrical grid was
physically attacked 107 times so let’s
actually go through process and by the
way this is not like a horror movie
you’re watching this is you’re probably
listening to this saying this is very
possible and you and I just like one day
you know they say death and taxes are

the two guarantees in life this is why
you should own life insurance and this
is why you should pay your taxes because
those two things we’re going to have to
do right watch this what would happen if
the power grid actually did go down
number one immediate disruption would be
a loss of electricity in affected areas
this would disrupt the normal
functioning of various aspects of our
daily life including traffic lights
public transports businesses hospitals
communication Networks works and more
number two water supply many water
supply systems rely on electric pumps

without electricity water treatment
plants may not function potentially
leading to a lack of clean water and
increased risk of waterborne diseases
number three Transportation traffic
lights would go out leading to traffic
jams and potentially accidents electric
trains and subway would halt fuel
stations might not be able to pump gas
leading to shortage of fuel for vehicles
number four communication cell towers
have backup generators but they can run
out of fuel if not replenished this this
could disrupt mobile phone service and
the internet hampering emergency
response and communication among the
public number five healthc care while
hospitals have emergency generators a

prolonged outage could endanger patients
especially those in intensive care units
or those dependent on powered medical
devices number six food supply
Refrigeration would be lost leading to
spoilage of perishable foods without a
functioning transportation system the
movement of goods would be hampered
leading to shortages in grocery stores
by the way we saw a food supply during
Co it’s not like this is just 50 years
ago this just happened 2 3 years ago

economic impact prolonged outages could
lead to a significant economic Lawes as
businesses shut down and the cost of
response and Recovery amounts again this
shouldn’t be intimidating this just
happened 3 years ago you know what
happened to so many restaurants in
America they had to shut down what
happened to restaurants in California

New York and Illinois they’re like look
we can’t make this happen what can we do
with this they went out of business next
one Safety and Security an an increase
in crime especially looting could be
observed due to reduced surveillance not
functioning alarm system and dark
streets again this civil unrest happened
during Co just a few years ago
dependency on backup power entities with
backup generators would need to rely on
them but fuel could run out if there’s

no quick resolution to the crisis next
cooling and heating depending on the
season lack of electricity could result
to the inability to heat homes in Winter
or cool them in the summer posing health
risks to vulnerable populations next
environmental concerns in some cases
power outages could lead to uncontrolled
releases from industrial sites affecting
air and water quality next long-term
impact if attack damage is critical
infrastructure components it could take
weeks or even months to repair
especially if custom components are
required social implications a long-term
outage could lead to social unrest
decreased trust in government and

institutions and psychological impacts
due to the stress of prolonged
disruption by the way social
implications have we experienced this
prolonged disruption psychological
impacts to kids who were forced to stay
home imagine what happened to marriages
husband and wife like it was a very
messy situation but couple things to be
thinking of so like f so what’s the
solution well we got a few things to be
thinking about there’s three things that
comes to my mind number one is we have
to vote better leaders and we our job is
to bring this issue to the top of who be
elect and ask the question in interviews
if you go to a town hall ask the

question what are you going to do with
the power grid in the US we were not
prepared for Co are you if you’re able
to go online and ask the question POS it
to other people ask it from your elected
officials your Congressman your Senator
your Governor your president everybody
because this should be local to your
mayor as well because a mayor is your
city what are they going to be doing
about it in your city so that’s the
government level number two business the
company you’re working for ask the
question are we protected what do we
have what are we looking at with our
software what what do we have to be
protected against cyber security attacks
are we protected is there dep Department

in the company that invests into that
you these are conversations that anybody
can bring up in the next leadership
meeting you could be one person that
Sparks this conversation say I watch
this video do you know what we’re going
through how are we protected against
this and last but not least personal
what can you do about it for your family
is it generator is it getting the right
insurance policies to protect against
identity theft against somebody stealing
your information all of these things are
very realistic the Deep fake there’s so
many different ways they’re getting
people to destroy their lives but the

reality of it is those three things you
control more of it the lower you go you
control less with the government less
with the company but you definitely
control what you do with your family so
the preparation the responsibility goes
to you and I when it comes to personal
what we can do for us by the way to me
you know these types of conversations
some sometimes people watch like oh my
God babe the end of the world what am I

going to be doing no the whole idea is
to be overly prepared proper preparation
prevents poor performance we had a
conversation earlier about a script for
a movie I said we got to be hard on the
script we got to be hard on the content
we got to be the more prepared we are
Upfront for a party the more we can
enjoy the party the less prepared you
are for a party you’re going to have a
miserable party cuz nothing’s going
right so you can’t even enjoy your own
party make sense so the more prepared we
are yeah guess what future looks bright
if you’re not gu what it doesn’t look
bright for those that are not prepared
so do take the time to be prepared for
you and your family if you do that you

don’t have a lot to worry about having
said that if you got value out of this
video give it a thumbs up subscribe to
the channel and I got another video I
want you to watch we did a video on food
shortages if you’ve never seen that
before click here to watch it take care
everybody bye-bye

Closely related to everything Patrick is talking about is an EMP.

Read this:

Have You Heard Of An “EMP”? Here’s Why I Think It’s Our Biggest Threat

What is the biggest threat to America….right now?

Joe Biden?  Certainly he’s not helping things.

Barack Obama?  The puppet master behind Biden.

Soros?  The puppet master behind Biden.

China?  Always on the list.



Election theft?

Nuclear attack?

All of these things are serious threats, but I want to tell you about something often not discussed….but the impact could be bigger than anything above.

Yes, really.

It’s called an EMP attack.

What’s an “EMP” anyway?

Good question!

An EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse, is a powerful burst of energy that can disrupt or damage electronic devices and electrical systems. It’s like a super strong wave of energy that can mess with anything that uses electricity. This includes cell phones, computers, cars, and even the power grid that gives electricity to homes and businesses.

You may have heard about it before, but it’s not commonly discussed.

So let me break it all down for you…

Likelihood of an EMP Attack:

  1. Technological Feasibility: Creating an effective EMP weapon is technologically challenging. It typically involves nuclear detonations at high altitudes or sophisticated non-nuclear devices. The complexity of these technologies limits their availability mostly to advanced military powers.
  2. Global Politics and Deterrence: The United States has strong diplomatic relations and defense systems, which act as deterrents against direct attacks from other major powers. The doctrine of mutually assured destruction (MAD) often serves as a deterrent against nuclear-based EMP attacks, as such an attack could lead to a full-scale nuclear war.
  3. Non-State Actors: The greater risk may come from non-state actors (like terrorist groups) who might not be deterred by traditional means. However, their access to the necessary technology is typically quite limited.
  4. Natural EMPs: There is also the risk of a natural EMP caused by a solar storm, similar to the Carrington Event of 1859. While not a deliberate attack, the effects could be similarly disruptive.

Most Likely Ways an EMP Could Happen:

  1. High-Altitude Nuclear Detonation: A nuclear bomb detonated high in the atmosphere could create a powerful EMP. This would require intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capabilities.
  2. Non-Nuclear EMP Devices: These devices can be designed to target specific areas or systems without the broader destruction caused by nuclear weapons. However, their effective range and power are generally less than a nuclear EMP.
  3. Cyber-Physical Attacks: A coordinated cyber-attack on power grids and electronic systems could mimic some effects of an EMP, though technically different.
  4. Solar Storms: A severe solar storm hitting the Earth could create natural EMP effects, disrupting electrical systems and communications.

The Fallout From an EMP:

  1. Power Outage: EMPs can knock out electricity everywhere, like turning off a big light switch for a whole city or even a country.
  2. No Internet or Phones: Imagine not being able to call, text, or use the internet. That’s what happens with an EMP.
  3. Water Supply Issues: Without power, getting clean water to homes and buildings becomes really hard.
  4. Food Shortage: Stores need electricity to keep food fresh. Without it, a lot of food can go bad quickly.
  5. No Heating or Air Conditioning: Houses and buildings would lose heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.
  6. Hospitals Struggle: Hospitals rely on power for life-saving equipment. An EMP could put many lives at risk.
  7. Transportation Problems: Cars, buses, and trains might not work, making it tough to get around.
  8. Banking and Money Problems: ATMs and credit card machines need power, so buying things could become really difficult.
  9. Emergency Services Disrupted: Police, fire, and ambulance services could be severely affected.
  10. Danger to Airplanes: Planes flying when an EMP hits could have serious trouble.
  11. Schools Closing: With no power, schools might have to close.
  12. No Radio or TV: News and entertainment through radio and TV would be cut off.
  13. Damage to Electronics: An EMP can break things like computers, TVs, and even some toys.
  14. Industrial Shutdowns: Factories and other big workplaces would have to stop work.
  15. Fuel Shortages: Gas stations need power to pump gas, so cars might run out of fuel.
  16. Increased Crime: Without alarms or streetlights, there might be more thefts and other crimes.
  17. Health Risks from Spoiled Food: Without fridges, food can spoil and make people sick.
  18. Waste Disposal Problems: Trash and sewage systems might not work properly.
  19. Mental Health Stress: The sudden change and uncertainty can be really stressful and scary for people.
  20. Long-Term Recovery: Fixing everything after an EMP can take a really long time and be very hard.

Life In America Following an EMP Attack:

Week 1: Immediate Chaos and Confusion

  • In the immediate aftermath, there would be widespread panic and confusion. The EMP, having disabled all electronics, would leave individuals without means of communication; cell phones, internet, and radio would be rendered useless.
  • Transportation systems would grind to a halt. Modern vehicles with electronic components would fail, leading to widespread traffic jams and stranded individuals.
  • Emergency services would be severely hampered, struggling to respond to incidents without their usual communication and transportation infrastructure.
  • There would be a run on stores for essential supplies as people quickly realize the severity of the situation. This could lead to shortages and even looting in some areas.

Week 2-3: Adapting to the New Reality

  • Communities would begin to adapt. Those with older, non-electronic vehicles and equipment would find themselves at an advantage.
  • People would turn to bicycles, horses, or simply walking for transportation.
  • The lack of refrigeration and electronic banking systems would lead to a reliance on cash transactions and bartering. Localized trading systems might emerge.
  • Battery-operated or hand-crank radios would become vital sources of information, assuming some radio stations could continue broadcasting.
  • There would be a significant increase in manual labor as machines and automated systems used in manufacturing and agriculture would be non-operational.

Week 4 and Beyond: Long-Term Adjustments

  • Social structures would begin to shift, with communities becoming more localized and self-sufficient. Neighbors would need to work together for survival, leading to a resurgence of community-oriented living.
  • Food shortages could become a serious issue. Without modern transportation and preservation methods, communities would have to rely on locally sourced food, leading to a rise in gardening and small-scale farming.
  • Health care would face severe challenges. Hospitals would struggle without modern equipment, leading to a reliance on more traditional methods of treatment and an increased need for medical knowledge within communities.
  • Education would revert to non-digital methods. Schools, if they remained open, would rely on books and oral teaching methods.
  • Over time, there might be efforts to rebuild some form of electrical infrastructure, but this would be a slow and difficult process given the extent of the damage caused by the EMP.

Now you see what I’m talking about?

As usual, I don’t like to just leave you hanging with the bad news….I like to give you solutions!

And I have one here.

You know I’ve got you covered!

There ARE things you can do right now to make sure you and your family will stay safe and be able to survive in the event we end up living through an EMP strike.

Imagine losing all lights and heating in the winter?

Negative 10 degrees outside and suddenly you’re back in the stone age?

Follow the link below to find out what you can do right now.


Let’s all stay safe together, ok?

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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