Dr. Christine Blasey Ford may have been sexually abused at some time in her life, but the majority of Americans believe it wasn’t by Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh is about to be confirmed today, as Trump’s pick for Supreme Court Justice, after surviving an unimaginable torture chamber that the Democrat Party put him through. Meanwhile, Blasey-Ford, who claimed to barely be able to function following that traumatic night 36 years ago (not sure which night), at a high school party (not sure where it was) ,with friends (all of whom deny being at a party with her), where she was driven home by someone she isn’t able to identify, is walking away. Ironically, so are hundreds of thousands, and possibly even millions of Americans who were sickened by the Democrat circus that included using Dr. Ford as a tool to take down Judge Kavanaugh, they watched unfold on national tv.

CNN interviewed Ford’s activist lawyer, Deborah Katz to ask if her client (pawn) is planning to pursue criminal charges against Kavanaugh. Katz responded: “Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort. What she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agree to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI, and that’s what she sought to do here.”

CNN host Dana Bash, who appeared to be disappointed, continued: “She does not want him to be impeached?”

Katz quickly replied: “No!”

Ford’s less vocal attorney, Lisa Banks told Bash that Ford added that Ford has no regrets about testifying against Kavanaugh, or in other words, ruining he and his family’s life.

Could it be that Ford’s decision to not pursue charges against Kavanaugh, has something to do with the bombshell story that broke yesterday, after it was discovered that Monica L. McLean, a former FBI agent, and best friend of Christine Ford, contacted Ford’s so-called “witness” and close friend, Leland Keyser, and attempted to influence her to change her story about the party she claims she never attended with Brett Kavanaugh?


Let’s hope so…


This hijacking of the #MeToo movement isn’t going away any time soon. FemiNazi’s across America are using the Democrat Party’s horrific ploy to take down an honest and good man as a springboard for ridiculing, and minimizing the relevance of every male in America. Every parent needs to fight back against this horrific and targeted movement.

Two days ago, a chilling video was released by moms who are sick and tired of watching the Left demonize their sons. The video is a stunning reminder of how quickly the Left can organize to take down anyone who gets in their path.


This war against men, that started when Harvey Weinstein, mega-donor to the Democrat Party, and the most beloved man in Hollywood, was caught in a sexual abuse scandal so vile, and so far reaching, that even members of his own Party and the Hollywood cult couldn’t save him from himself.


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