Hecklers who are being told by black leaders (Rep. John Lewis and Rep. Maxine Waters) to cause a stir were successful in making themselves look like total losers today. While we’re not fans of Comey, this was absolutely out of line. FBI director James Comey was hired by Howard University as a special guest lecturer. He was trying to deliver a speech today when the protesters tried to drown him out. Free speech? Not if you’re white…Check out some of the racist tweets about the protest. One in particular said: “A white man trying to silence and overshadow the voices of Black people. Not surprised. Even at my HBCU”

A group of students in the back of the auditorium have kept up chants like “We shall not be moved” and “We are here to reclaim this space” and “No justice, no peace,” as Comey spoke over them.

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“Welcome to Howard. I’m honored to be here and I’m looking forward to adult conversations about what is right and what is true,” Comey said at the conclusion of his remarks.

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The former FBI director is the keynote speaker at the 150th opening convocation at the university, greeting the incoming class of students. He was hired by Howard to give five lectures on several topics, which have yet to be announced. The $100,000 compensation will be donated to a scholarship fund for students that come from foster homes, Howard officials said.

Friday’s protest appears to be organized by a group calling itself Howard University Resist. One of the group’s tweets described Comey’s speech as “a white man trying to silence and overshadow the voices of Black people.” (see above)

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