Joe Biden filed for a second run at being the US President Tuesday, despite concerns over his age and performance. But apparently, Biden is not concerned with his low approval rates or his parties’ hesitation, or even with the shared concern that if elected, Biden would be 82 when taking office and 86 when leaving.


As USA Today-Ipsos revealed that while most Democrats believe Biden has significant government experience and policy expertise and that he fights for the Democrats, 56% think it is time for change and that Biden should not run for re-election. The remaining 44% believe he deserves re-election. The poll also found that these percentages were not connected to a specific age group.

The poll also went on to show that two major concerns in the upcoming elections give an advantage to the Republican Party, who is viewed as the Party more likely to be seen as good for the economy (34%) and tough on crime (33%) than the Democratic Party (24% and 15%, respectively).

The poll also showed nearly half of Americans (46%) believe inflation and increasing costs are the main problems currently facing the country. Gun violence (26%) and crime (17%) are included in a crowded second tier of issues.

In contrast to Biden, Trump garnered majority support, with 59% of Republican voters saying they would like to see Trump run for re-election in 2024.


Not only are Democrats concerned about Biden running, but many Democrat politicians running for re-election are also concerned about Biden campaigning with them. NBC News interviewed Wisconsin-based pollster and strategist Paul Maslin who said despite Biden pushing some of his policies through congress, most of the country is not happy with the current state of the US, and Maslin added, “let’s not kid ourselves: This is still a country where almost 80% of the people think that things are headed on the wrong track.”

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