Republican State Rep. Gary Eisen lost his committee assignments after being accused of making cryptic statements about a “Hail Mary” plan for Monday’s electors meeting and declining to say it will be a safe day in Lansing during a radio interview. It’s difficult to understand how mentioning a “Hail Mary” is threatening. The Michigan Speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield, admonished Rep. Eisen in the statement below saying “violence has no place in our democratic process.”

Could this be a distraction from the Antrim County bombshell discovery of voter fraud? The radio interview is below. You be the judge:

“I’m on a football team. We have one more play. Am I just going to give up, or am I going to do that Hail Mary?” – REP. GARY EISEN


Michigan House Leader Lee Chatfield released a statement punishing Rep. Eisen:

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